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Week Beginning 24 October 2016

The Hearing Screening Test will be held on Monday 24 October for those children already signed up.


  • Please ensure that your child has the correct school uniform. In particular please ensure your child is wearing black shoes. Girls should wear plain white socks and boys should wear black or grey socks. You can review the school’s uniform policy here.


This week the children will be continuing to work on their explanation texts to save the poor villagers. We will be using the whole writing process from planning to writing, then editing and publishing. The children will be using peer and self assessment strategies to improve their work and make sure the explanation texts are clear and simple to follow.


Causal connective, peer assessment, editing, drafting, publishing, explanation text


This week the children will be learning factors and multiples. The children will have to identify multiples and factors, including finding all factor pairs of a number and common factors of two numbers.

They will also learn to know and use the vocabulary of prime numbers, prime factors and composite (non-prime) numbers. These skills will be developed and secured through problem solving and investigative tasks.

We will also be consolidating our knowledge and understanding of perimeter and area.


Factor, Multiple, Prime, Composite, Area, perimeter,millimeter, centimetre, metre, kilometre, squared, compound, composite, rectangle, square, relationship


This week the students will be reflecting on what they learned during our recent trip to the Shanghai Urban Planning Museum. They will apply what they have learned to help them continue to plan and construct their own village. The children will be using a variety of art skills to make clay buildings and homes. They will also think about the land use of their villages and add agricultural and residential areas. 


Maps, comparison, geology, houses, green belts, transport, population, future cities


This week pupils will continue with their unit of coding lessons. The children will continue to write basic computer codes to make an on-screen avatar move in different directions. The children will also attempt to get their avatar to change speed as it moves across a route.


Avatar, direction, speed, code, program, instructions


This week we will be discussing how to have appropriate conversations whilst using imessage and email. We will discuss the use of appropriate language and will practice having a conversation between friends. We will discuss some rules and advice about how to do this appropriately.


Safe usage of ipads, responsibilities, messaging, safety online



Topic: Seeing a doctor

We will start to learn topic” seeing a doctor”, and learn some keywords needed when seeing a doctor.

Homework: worksheet

Y5 C2

Topic: Continue  Lesson. 11 Three Meals a Day- Text 2 Comprehension

Homework: Finish worksheet on this topic

Y5 C3

Topic: Lesson 2. Subjects of Study-Continued

This week students will talk about the subjects they have in school

Homework: School Timetable

Y5 C4

Topic:  Lesson 5-Age

Student will be able to ask and tell their age each other.

Homework: Worksheets of lesson5.

Listen to the song 

Y5 MND05CN              


作业:  完成海报(海洋生物)预习21课《威尼斯小艇》(朗读课文)


Year 5  Spanish -  Ms Argent Watson

Next week we will be increasing or vocabulary of food items. We will use ‘but’ and ‘because’ to explain preferences and to describe food. For homework students are to revise the vocabulary and sentence structures learned and will continue with their Duolingo online studies.

Year 5 / 6 French – Ms De Borger

Next week we will extend weather vocabulary,  watching  the  story `Le vent et le soleil`( The sun and the wind  ).  We will look up the current weather conditions in France and will practice weather forecasting, recording ourselves on our I Pads. 

This week’s homework will be practising the numbers up to 20 (for the new students) or up to 100. The children can use the website `Linguascope: http://www.linguascope.com/       
login: bisspuxi;  password: shanghai

Year 5/6 Native French – M. Valente

La semaine prochaine, nous ferons une petite évaluation  sur les homophones vus en classe (se-ce, c'est - s'est - sait - sais - ces – ses, ou-où, a-as-à, ont-on) puis nous travaillerons sur le futur simple.
Pour les devoirs, les enfants doivent réviser les règles vues en classe sur les homophones et compléter la feuille d’exercice sur c'est - s'est - sait - sais - ces – ses.

Year 5/6 Native German – Ms. Brannasch

Diese Woche haben wir Adjektive untersucht, und zwar ihre Kategorien wie Farben, Aussehen, Geschmack, Charakter usw.
In einem Wettbewerb haben sich die Kinder auch neue Adjektive geprägt und ihre Namen mit Adjektiven geschrieben. Nächste Woche konzentrieren wir uns auf die Beschreibung des Äuβeren und die Adjektiv+Nomen Verbindungen.
Zu Hause sollen die Kinder die KV 10 „Momo“ imBooklet machen, wobei sie eine Kinderbuchfigur beschreiben. Ebenfalls sollen sie eine berühmte Figur ausdenken und sie im Booklet schriftlich beschreiben und dabei natürlich so viele wie möglich Adjektive benutzen. Das kann eine Buch-, Film-, Zeichentrickfilm- oder Comicfigur sein.

Year 5/6 Native Spanish  – Ms Garcia

La semana que viene vamos a seguir practicando el presente y el pasado en las tres conjugaciones y la comprensión lectora. Como deberes, tienen que completar las dos páginas del cuadernillo que les di.


Van Reisbureau naar Vroeger...

Aanslutiend op de kinderboekenweek in Nederland start ons tweede thema: Vroeger was alles ...

We poetsen onze interviewtechnieken op ter voorbereiding van een interview met opa of oma op  Skype; onderzoeken wat opa’s en oma’s vroeger deden (want hoe is het leven zonder internet en iPad?), schrijven verhalen en denken na over onze families.

Graag ontvangen we van alle leerlingen familiefoto’s: papa, mama, broers en zussen, tante en ooms, neven en nichten en opa’s en oma’s.

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