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Congratulations to the Winners of DCIS Year 8 English Horror Writing Competition

Leading up to Halloween the Year 8 students have been writing horror stories and participating in the DCIS Horror Writing Competition. The winners of this year's competition are Francesca and Beau - congratulations!

DCIS Year 8 Horror Writing Dover Court International School


By Francesca and Beau, Year 8


One Monday night, when the moon was full, two deathly pale girls sat still, hidden in a hollow by the hills, silently watching a stream faintly flow. One of the girls sat cross-legged by the stream twirling her finger in the air, humming as she lifted her head to gaze at the pearlescent moon. The other sat so perfectly straight she almost looked like a doll, staring  into nothing as if everything didn't matter, as if her life was an empty canvas, that had been waiting far too long to be painted on. Then again, it was only a look. Then something strange started happening to them, what looked like wolf ears started coming out of the head of one of the girls along with a black, bushy tail. Whilst the other with skin now as pale as white itself had small pointed horns growing out, a long thin tail whipped the earthy ground. Both girls turned and gazed at each other silently. The wolf-like girl, who’s name is Dusk, stared at the moon, the way a dog stares at a treat, a thick coat of hair creeped its way out of dusk’s trademark black and white jumper. On the other hand, the girl growing horns and a tail, ash, growled like a spirit of evil. What was happening?

Both girls, if you can even call them that, were knocked to the ground, as if hit by a wall that was never even there. Screeches. Howls. Echoes to which nothing can compare. How did no-one else hear? Why did no-one wake?

So many questions, yet, none have answers. Slowly, walking out sly as a snake into the light, a tail. Red like blood. Was it? Knife-like horns, placed on the head of what just barely looked like ash. Bone-like wings, all blood red. Still though somewhat of a girl. A second girl came out, looking quite like dusk, but wolf-like ears glimmered and swayed through the midnight breeze. A soft tail followed, gently swaying, like the beat of a heart. Everything, so quiet. Silence. Heads full of wonder and imagination, then, nothing. There was nothing to say, nothing to do.

Dusk’s eyes raised to the trees above them. They towered above everything as if they were giants, watching over the world. Ash looked down. Staring at the broken ground by the stream. Each crack is like its own piece of artwork, like a spider's web, creeping across the earth.

Both girls sat down on the soft, swaying grass and watched the moon, making its way to the West where it would be day. The stars shined brighter than ever, like scattered moon dust in the sky, beacons of hope for all the lost souls of the world. But, then again, they were only stars. Ash slowly turned her head to dusk, her pitch black eyes resembling a doll almost identically. She slowly said, in a deep, croaky voice ‘It's time’. Dusk then slowly stood, and began to walk towards the town.