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15th September 2017

  • Year 2 Weekly Roundup

Our English work this week has been based on the book, The Dark, Dark Tale. Our focus has been to identify and remember recurring language in a story. First, we acted out the story in small groups before performing to the rest of the class. We then moved on to write some sentences from the story looking really carefully at capital letters and full stops. Can you ask me which other things we must include when writing a really good sentence?


This week in Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. We fist revised the shape names and drew them. We were also able to spot some 2D shapes around our classroom. We then had a look at the properties of different 2D shapes and tried to spot some lines of symmetry, before sorting and grouping the shapes in different ways. Can you ask me what I know about 2D shapes?

Project Work

This week in IPC we have started to look at different biomes in our world, including deserts, rainforest and polar regions. First, we used a map of the world to locate these different biomes. We then looked at the different homes some people live in, in different these places and compared them to our own. Finally, we started to look at the different animals and plants that can be found in these different parts of the world, which we will continue to work on next week. We were able to spot some of them during our trip. Can you ask me what I saw?


This week students have consolidated counting 1-40 and have continued to count to 100. Apart from counting students have also learned the basic measure words: “ge” and “tiao”.  To reinforce counting skills please follow this link: https://quizlet.com/_2ir3gi.

To learn more about measure words, please follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJGcOjmE-1w


Pupils have been solving logical puzzles using a game called Alarmy 2. There are a number of levels for pupils to work through which increase in difficulty. The puzzles require pupils to think about what is available by clicking, dragging and moving objects for them to use in the environment to complete each puzzle.

Physical Education

The shape of the ball has been changed this week from oval to round. The Year 2 children have been controlling the ball with their feet rather than their hands. The aim of the two lessons was to stay on the green island and keep their `Gold points` by maintaining good control of the ball

Due to our trip to Gardens By The Bay, we did not have Swimming this week.


This week Year 2 students learned important facts about Mendelssohn and participated in a 'walking quiz' to reinforce new knowledge. Students then revisited what it means (and sounds like) to be a virtuoso in music, while observing the solo violin part from Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor.


As part of our IPC work looking at biomes, we are asking the children to do a research project at home. We would like them to choose either the rainforest, desert or polar region and make a diorama, which can include pictures of animals, plants and facts about their chosen biome. The size should be approximately shoe box size. We look forward to seeing these amazing creations on Wednesday 4th October.

For homework this week, children will be colouring the shapes that we have been looking at in class. They then need to look through newspapers, magazines or on packaging to see if they can spot any 2D shapes. They will need to cut the shapes out and glue them to the back of their homework sheet.