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6th October 2017

  • Year 3 Weekly Roundup

This week in English, we began our topic on poetry, with a focus on limericks. We began the week by reading and performing a range of poems, really thinking about our pace, tone, volume and intonation. The children then investigated rhyming patterns and created rhyming word banks. Finally we looked at the structure of limericks and had a go at producing our own.


This week the children have been exploring addition. We have been learning mental  strategies to help us add a range of different numbers. With the use of a number line, we can now partition numbers into tens and ones to support our mental calculations. We have built on our knowledge of place value to understand how to approach a problem that requires adding any 2 or 3 digit number.

Project Work

This week, we have been preparing for our class assembly and have turned our focus to our class project Volcanoes. The children have been reviewing their learning about Tsunamis and Volcanoes and again thinking about the effects these natural disasters can have. We also started thinking about ways to present our learning. We will spend next week creating visuals and displays to educate and excite our visitors to our exit point, ‘disaster zone’.


This week, we started learning vocabulary related to the family. Students were engaged in a conversation, asking and responding to the question “How many people are there in your family?” and “Who do you have in your family?” During the lessons, students learnt to give a short description of their family, by telling the number of the family members and listing them. Additionally, students worked on writing activities, which aimed to help develop their reading and writing skills. Parents are encouraged to visit the quizlet link below together with your children for Mandarin learning support at home: https://quizlet.com/_3sjq7g


This week, pupils have been using ‘Artist’ on code.org.  Pupils have been building on last week’s lesson where they learnt about loops to draw more complex images by looping simple sequences of instructions.

Physical Education

Year 3 pupils have switched to either learning the basic skills of football or netball. In netball the focus has been on developing catching, throwing and moving skills whilst playing small sided games. The football lessons have concentrated on individual dribbling; around a `minefield` of cones as well as other players.

Year 3 swimming lessons this week have continued to develop the breaststroke technique. Pupils are improving their `pizza arms` as well as maintaining the `frog leg’ action.


This week, Year 3 students explored how members of a jazz rhythm section support a soloist. Students then played the role of a rhythm section by creating rhythmic patterns to accompany a solo melody.


This week, children have an English task to complete in their homework book, a Myimaths task linked to this week’s learning, their spelling and reading to complete as usual.