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20th April 2018

  • Year 6 Weekly Roundup

This week in English the children have studying the bookWolf Brother.  We made predictions about what may happen in the story based on the various front covers and the blurb and then went on to predict which settings various descriptive phrases were taken from. After reading Chapter 1 and 2, the children practiced using figurative language to write a descriptive paragraph based on the initial setting from the point of view of the main character.


In Maths this week, children focused on calculating the area and perimeter of shapes. They then applied these formulae to help calculate the surface area of cubes and cuboids. Finally, children looked at triangles and parallelograms and how to calculate the area of these shapes. Children were challenged by using and applying their knowledge and understanding to solve problems and investigations involving area of shapes.

Project Work

Our new topic ‘Mission to Mars’ was launched with a space academy. Children participated in various physical and mental challenges to prove they had what it takes to become an astronaut. They then reflected on their strengths and areas for improvement.

Children enjoyed a pop quiz to recap their prior leaning from their Year 5 ‘Space Explorers’ topic and competed in house teams.

Finally, children completed a knowledge harvest and thought in depth about why and how humans may someday need to move to Mars


This week, we continued the topic of fruits. We focused on the revision, which included all the vocabs and sentence structures we learnt during last two weeks. Character recognition and oral expression were reinforced. Multiple class activities were conducted during the class, especially, pupils had a chance to exchange their fruit with classmates by describing its feature (shape, colour, size and taste).


In this code.org stage student use the Artist environment to write programs that have looped statements inside another loop, which is called a nested loop.  They will break complex tasks into smaller repeatable sections and combine simple shapes into complex designs with nested loops.

Physical Education

During our PE lesson this week we have focused on breaking down the freestyle stroke in swimming. We have looked at partner observations and how to observe and give feedback to improve performance.


This week Year 6 students experimented with different accompaniments for the 'Circle Dance' theme from Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring'. Students discussed how altering the accompaniment altered the mood of the theme as well.



To create a book review based on your favourite book that you will present to the class. This can be presented in the format of your choice. Eg. PowerPoint, poster, video.


‘Pinboard Areas’ and ‘Surface Area of Cuboids’ sheets – extension tasks on MyiMaths.

Due Wednesday 25th April


Tic Tac Toe booklets have been distributed. Task 1 due Friday 27thApril.


Spellings have been recorded in the student’s spelling journals. The words are a combination of the spelling rule that they are learning in class as well as statutory key words for the year group they are working at.