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3rd November 2017

  • Year 6 Weekly Roundup

The children began the unit on song writing by listening to a variety of charity singles and studying the lyrics to identify common themes within them. They then took part in various workshops to recap their knowledge of rhyme and rhythm. Finally, they used these skills to rewrite the lyrics to a popular song so it could be released to raise awareness of ‘diversity’. This had a focus on using emotive language to impact the audience by up-levelling our vocabulary choices as a class.


This week the children used coordinates to describe the positions of shapes in all four quadrants. They also had to plot and label rectangles, squares, parallelograms and rhombuses in the four quadrants and use the properties of shapes to predict missing coordinates. They then went on to translate shapes into all four quadrants using coordinates and use coordinates to reflect shapes in the axes into all four quadrants.

Project Work

At the beginning of the week, Year 6 students took part in the Entry Point for their new ‘Investigators’ project. Searching for clues around the school, students had to solve riddles, problems and puzzles in order to find out more information about a fictional crime that had been committed. For every problem correctly solved, students were given a clue and an eyewitness video account. Using this information, pupils discovered who the culprit was and reported this crime in their books. Please do not worry, the Thailand trip money is safe. Later in the week, students explored scientific vocabulary and focused on prior knowledge of the investigation process.


This week we continued the topic of vegetable. New vocabulary about the vegetables were introduced as well as pronunciation, character recognition and interrogative sentence patterns. The skill of reading comprehension was emphasized by reading a passage about vegetable.


What’s more, as students will participate in the Language perfect championship starting from 7th Nov. They had practice with IPad at school this week. Having more practice time at home is highly recommended.

More details about the Language perfect championship, please visit the following websites,





Pupils have been using the Bee environment to write programs using nested loops in code.org.  They have followed a sequence of steps into a hierarchy or looped sequences and nest loops and conditionals to analyse multiple value conditions using if, else if, else logic.

Physical Education

During our PE lesson this week we have focused on breaking down the breast-stroke in swimming. We have looked at partner observations through scoring cards and observations and have given feedback to improve performance.


This week Year 6 students continued their study of 'Ambush From Ten Sides' with a focus on ancient and alternative forms of music notation. For example, students considered how they might interpret notation for the Chinese pipa. Students then had an opportunity to create their own form of music notation in groups.



Rewrite the chorus to your favourite song. Your lyrics can be about DCIS or about yourself.


Complete the coordinates activities.


Tic Tac Toe booklets have been distributed and task one is due in on Wednesday 8th November.


Spellings have been recorded in the student’s spelling journals. The words are a combination of the spelling rule that they are learning in class as well as statutory key words for the year group they are working at.