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Design and Technology Creating Solutions….

02 February 2015

“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. People think it’s this veneer – that the designers are handed this box and told, ‘Make it look good!’ That’s not what we think design is. It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs 2003

The FOBISIA Design and Technology competition is an opportunity for schools to further excite their students about design and engineering and encourages them to expand their design and technology capability through quick problem solving and collaboration. The competition encourages students to creatively solve a series of short challenges staged throughout the year. So far this year KS4 and KS5 students have taken part in the competition and plans for the KS3 challenge are underway. This year students have been given 2 weeks to solve a complex task that draws on a range of cross-curricular skills and knowledge including, Science, Mathematics, Art and Technology. Students record the whole process from their initial research and designs through to manufacturing and testing, before editing and uploading a 5minute video clip onto YouTube. These videos are then judged on creativity, function and originality.

The latest challenge involved Year 10 students designing and manufacturing a marble run. It was required that the marble should take 35 seconds from entering the run to exiting it.

Design and Technology FOBISIA challenge 13990_801692239903647_3819456268733002736_n 532954_801690966570441_8409959519296418154_n 984262_801692233236981_6760628868860429091_n 995081_801691303237074_40165762604944238_n 995081_801691509903720_3714704657577187839_n 1506748_801692043237000_2719652638984105379_n 1620834_801692089903662_3918375019319943102_n 1920456_801691443237060_2409981489447867650_n 1972308_801692743236930_6491421882168467802_n 10392514_801691036570434_7975998249537261568_n 10392545_801692143236990_8827034370398583014_n 10403125_801691849903686_684145350799528506_n 10403179_801692706570267_8652150159800880989_n 10403216_801691249903746_2375724967016258148_n 10407161_801692859903585_7478363493001284385_n 10417496_801691179903753_9047004116733265771_n 10425478_801690629903808_5575831492223441517_n 10427308_801690933237111_6329382653804489769_n 10427310_801690519903819_515834781862693466_n (1) 10427310_801690519903819_515834781862693466_n 10653833_801690816570456_5148773133220112309_n 10675767_801691429903728_2035279770270351302_n 10689498_801692793236925_2060962867088882861_n 10891525_801692386570299_6723873243310054913_n 10897855_801691563237048_811033554632653368_n 10897859_801691549903716_8616093854043590182_n 10897920_801690533237151_8711235084827029701_n 10897920_801690786570459_8238474787338173910_n 10897928_801692816570256_3105772294295005602_n 10898023_801692323236972_3063761794318918749_n 10898041_801692433236961_5554452728817976998_n 10898230_801691309903740_504481588373288247_n 10906225_801690706570467_4559558402051995723_n 10906424_801691199903751_5460545819236977611_n 10906433_801691946570343_638869224802969974_n 10906480_801690646570473_647582571470007827_n 10915306_801692299903641_3197578754433072788_n 10917272_801690649903806_322515683667925854_n (1) 10917272_801690649903806_322515683667925854_n 10917403_801691129903758_6351793065693532237_n 10917852_801690869903784_4992270960486490636_n 10922768_801691983237006_7603853570304185379_n 10922849_801691989903672_724238463542653241_n 10923513_801692563236948_5106553040264931699_n 10923564_801692519903619_8371325411385908798_n 10924783_801691686570369_7038921234019003682_n 10926425_801690909903780_2779919168342866526_n 10926425_801692736570264_1043440799435306058_n 10929153_801690499903821_7671992403075484524_n 10930937_801692666570271_2862628000565357834_n 10931316_801692569903614_7507972705174489042_n 10933921_801691639903707_9038189160837922897_n