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News image 300160 Blog | AreaGuide | Sport and Outdoor Education
The positive effects of sailing on young people
Learn about the positive effects sailing has on young people from the Director of Sailing at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club, Jordan Rumsby.
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News image PATTAYA_418 Blog | Choosing A School | Regents International Study & English
Regents innovates with new RISE Programme
RISE: A new academic programme from August 2014, only one of its kind on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand.
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News image News Default Image Blog
Years 10 and 11 learn more about the IB Diploma programme
Students at Regents International School Pattaya attended the school’s own IB Diploma options evening.
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News image Untitled3 Blog
International Day 2014 promises to be a great day out!
Download your digital programme for International Day 2014 here.
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News image FitzGibbon1 Blog
Regents Welcomes World’s Leading Hospitality Management Schools to Thailand
Regents welcomed two of the best hospitality management schools in the world to Thailand
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News image News Default Image Blog
Regents' Students Show the Write Stuff
IB Diploma students take on challenging extended essays.
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News image News Default Image Blog
Thailand a ‘must-go’ destination for teachers
Thailand has developed into a ‘must-go’ destination for teachers from overseas, according to a recent survey.
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News image Water Challenge GC Blog
This year’s Global Classroom in-school activity is a science and engineering competition.
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