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16 December, 2014

Regents' exchange to Vidya Devi Jindal (VDJS) School

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Regents' exchange to Vidya Devi Jindal (VDJS) School
Regents' exchange to Vidya Devi Jindal (VDJS) School Regents' students visit Vidya Devi Jindal (VDJS) School in India

A select group of Secondary girls recently visited Vidya Devi Jindal (VDJS) School in Hisar, India. Please read some of their impressions below:

 Iulia Iuferova, 8Y: “My favorite subject at the VDJS School was Indian Dancing. I enjoyed it a lot and it was the first time in my life I ever tried it! The worst part was that they didn’t have WIFI! But this allowed me to interact more with people.”

Jung Yi (Julie) Cho, 9R: “Indian food was absolutely A-MA-ZING! We never knew there were so many different types of curries and dahls; it felt as though we experienced new tastes every day!” 

Ekaterina (Katya) Emeliantceva, 8Y: “The whole trip was magic. I loved the food, the dancing, our exchange friends, the teachers! Everything is so different in VDJS School – they even had a school song everyone had to sing in assembly!” 

Nastya Rychkova, 8Y: “I made lots of friends during the trip! The Indian girls were all very nice and I got to know Poppy and Julie from Year 9 who I don’t usually talk with at school!” 

Ksenia Rychkova, 8Y: “We spoke and performed a Thai dance in assembly in front of 800 people. It was so scary and my skirt nearly fell off! But it was such a good experience!” 

Miss Ball, Head of Year 9: “We had a wonderful learning experience at VDJS. VDJ School were incredible hosts that opened our eyes to the wonders and creativity of Indian crafts, cuisine and culture. The morning, afternoon and evening "Hello Ma'am" demonstrated the tremendous respect students at VDJS show to each other and their teachers. I am so proud of the girls speaking and dancing in front of 800 people and all of them learning and performing Thai dance for the first time. My favourite moment was visiting the local orphanage and meeting some incredible young people who truly deserve the best in life. I have gained some lifelong memories and an experience I wholeheartedly recommend for next year’s applicants.”