05 March, 2024

Regents International School Pattaya champions sustainability with active engagement in The Alliance for Sustainable Schools


We are proud to say that Regents International School Pattaya has an active commitment to The Alliance for Sustainable Schools. Our focus on sustainability and eco initiatives connect our school community together and importantly, they are a bridge between where we are and what we hope to achieve for our school and the greater community.


We understand that sustainability and citizenship education are closely aligned, and both are part of the fabric of our curriculum, school operations and our experiential learning programme within our commitment to Round Square.


Our whole school curriculum aspires to purposefully drive our commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) throughout the school. We engage children in lessons that develop their understanding of SDG that impact on our school, the local community, and the wider world. Our Primary Eco-Leaders and Secondary Student Guild Leaders drive purposeful change in both the Primary school and Secondary school that benefits our school community and raises the profile of actionable sustainability to the fore.


We are committed to embedding the vision of TASS throughout our school, whether that is our MIT inspired STEAM projects that ask our children to consider how we develop new technologies that are sustainable or our operational teams that ensure catering providers use locally sourced foods and recycle suitable food waste through local farms for animal feed.


Regents International School Pattaya and its school community are working together to ensure our commitment to TASS develops a sustainable school-wide future for all.




Learn more about The Alliance for Sustainable Schools.