At Regents International School Pattaya, we weave wellbeing into everything we do. Your child’s health and happiness come first, and we’re committed to nurturing their resilience, instilling confidence, and providing the tailored support they deserve, whenever they need it.
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Pastoral care

Regents is a school built on the principles of trust and respect. Our last independent inspection report notes the quality of relationships between staff and students is outstanding.

Every student is assigned to a class teacher (early years and primary) or form tutor (secondary), who's responsible for monitoring academic development, advising on opportunities beyond the classroom, and nurturing social and emotional wellbeing. They're the main point of contact between parents and the school, although the heads of years, subject teachers, boarding staff, and the senior leadership team all have important roles to play.


Healthy eating

Meals are cooked in the school’s own kitchens. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus are designed with healthy eating in mind, and the school runs a number of initiatives to encourage healthy habits, such as ‘Green Grub’, our healthy snack bar which is open at break times.


Staying active

All our students develop an excellent understanding of how to lead healthy, active lifestyles. We also encourage them to channel their time and energy into developing new skills, interests, and friendships through sport and physical activity. They're encouraged to be competitive but at the same time have a keen sense of sportsmanship, whether on the sports pitch, in the swimming pool, or on our courts.


Safety and security

Rural Thailand is extremely safe. Nevertheless, we take every appropriate measure to ensure students are secure in school. Our campus is walled and gated, with security guards at every entrance. As a boarding school, we maintain this level of security 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Where appropriate, sections of the school are closed to visitors using fingerprint sensors. Campus safety and security is managed by the school bursar.