Nord Anglia Education
St Andrews Bangkok
05 July, 2023

Jae | Class of 2023 Senior Highlight

Jae | Class of 2023 Senior Highlight | St Andrews - Senior-Highlight-Jae
Jae | Science & Engineering, Yonsei University

Jae received offers from the following universities:

I have received offers from Yonsei and Hanyang University and am currently waiting for my Sungkyunkwan and Chung Ang University results.

How has St Andrews prepared you for university?

St Andrews helped me through educating me how to apply and set appropriate deadlines which guided me to the right path even though my university application was relatively complicated compared to others. The school also provided documents that I required for my university with ease and as soon as possible.

What have you learned from Senior Studies?

I have learned various methods of researching and collecting data as well as developing independent learning such as managing time to study for 6 different subjects. I also gain various knowledge through the IBDP which I am sure will help with my future studies.

Your plans for university or after graduation?

My plan for university is to start looking through subjects that I am not familiar with such as Chemistry as the major I chose for my university heavily contains Chemistry content. Thus, I will broadly explore the subject as a form of my university preparation.

Favourite memory from STA?

My favourite memory from STA is participating in the school basketball team as we were able to win multiple tournaments. Moreover, school residential was also one of my favourite memories from STA as me and my friend were able to build unforgettable memories.

Any advice for students going into IB or Year 12s?

My advice for students going into IB is to manage your time carefully, make sure to distribute appropriate time to study for each subject you have chosen. Try to finish assignments as soon as possible such as EE, IA while full concentration. Lastly it is always quality over quantity use your time efficiently.