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15 January, 2024

From St Andrews to university: Alumni share their unforgettable journey

From St Andrews to university: Alumni share their unforgettable journey - Alumni Visit

As a High School student, envisioning life beyond the familiar walls of St Andrews International School Bangkok can be both exciting and overwhelming. The next chapter in your academic journey, be it university or career endeavours, awaits you – promising new adventures, challenges, and opportunities. To shed light on this thrilling transition, on 13 December 2023 a group of St Andrews alumni, who have successfully navigated or are currently going through their university years, popped by our High School campus for a visit.


From Class of 2018, we had Yei, who has just graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with a major in Engineering, and Natalie, who is in her final year of medical school at the joint medical program between University of Nottingham and Srinakharinwirot University, and is specializing in pediatrics the upcoming year. From the Class of 2021 were Mao Mao, currently at King’s College University in London pursuing a Bachelors degree in Humanities, and Manriya, studying Zoology at University of Melbourne. They gave ample time sharing valuable experiences and insights to current Year 12 and Year 13St Andrews students.


Let's dive right into the inspiring stories they imparted to our eager learners.


From St Andrews to university: Alumni share their unforgettable journey - Alumni Visit



Life after High School – navigating independence and responsibility


The journey from High School to university marks a significant transition, particularly in terms of independence and responsibility. Our alumni recounted fond memories of networking, discovering, learning, overcoming challenges and developing time management skills. They stressed the importance of taking ownership of one's education and cultivating self-discipline. Setting goals, embracing challenges, and seeking a balance between studies and social life emerged as key points across the board.

 From St Andrews to university: Alumni share their unforgettable journey - Alumni Visit

Choosing the right path


During their visit, Yei, Mao Mao, Natalie, and Manriya addressed one of the most critical decisions students face: choosing a major or a direction for their studies after high school. They emphasised the importance of remaining open-minded, as it is common for students' interests to evolve during their university years. Sharing personal experiences, they highlighted the value of a positive outlook and not putting too much pressure on yourself.


Transitioning into university life


While excitement surges during the transition to university life, challenges are inevitable. Our alumni candidly shared their experiences of dealing with academic pressures, managing new social dynamics, and of course, homesickness. They advised students to leverage campus resources, such as counselling services and a network of fellow students, to navigate these obstacles successfully. They also stressed the significance of integrating with the community to create a sense of belonging, and ultimately, enhance the university experience.


From St Andrews to university: Alumni share their unforgettable journey - Alumni Visit


Looking back with gratitude


In closing, our alumni reflected on their time at St Andrews International School Bangkok and expressed deep gratitude for the educational foundation they’d experienced during the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). They acknowledged the international perspective gained from their time here, emphasising how it had broadened their worldview and facilitated meaningful connections with individuals from various cultural backgrounds. They encouraged students to embrace the IB at St Andrews, from the coursework, to CAS hours, to the Extended Essay, as these components foster essential qualities that allow for a successful transition to university.

Welcoming our accomplished alumni back provides a unique opportunity for our current High School students to gain invaluable, first-hand insights into university life. Their stories of personal growth and challenges, skill-building, and gratitude reinforced the importance of making the best out of Senior Studies at St Andrews, and empowered them for the exciting times ahead.