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MIT-Nord Anglia STEAMFest

Four of our lucky students attended the MIT-Nord Anglia STEAMFest in Boston last week with 100 of their peers from our sister schools around the world. Here’s what they had to say about it:

  • MIT trip
  • MIT trip
  • MIT trip
  • MIT trip
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Phoebe, Year 7

My name is Phoebe and I am one of the lucky students who got to go to MIT. In Boston, we did lots of really cool things! On the first day, we all went to the MIT museum to see some of the amazing things that the students at MIT had created. It was really cool. We were there for around two hours and then we went to lunch at a bakery called Flour. After that we travelled to a music place called MMMMaven were we DJ’d and made music on a computer. Next, we went to a questing place called Boda-Borg. Here you had to go into a room with a door coloured either red, black, or green; black being the hardest and green the easiest. You then had to figure out how to escape with no instructions. After we did all the questing we had tacos for dinner and went back to the hotel. On Tuesday we had to go to an MIT sports hall. Here we learned about the science of cannons, archery and fencing. In the fencing workshop, we made an electronic scoring system using a gadget called a Makey Makey. In the archery workshop, we learned about why an arrow fires and then we made bows and arrows and shot some arrows through some hoola-hoops. In the cannon workshop, we made vacuum chambers. We then had a science trivia challenge and went back to the hotel. Wednesday was probably my favourite day as we did an MIT workshop called 2.009. We made carnival games in groups of 10-12, so there were 10 groups, and we had to ideate, model, and test our ideas. We did this for the whole day and then there was an award for the best game and the team who worked best together. On Thursday each group had two workshops, for my group the first one was the reality behind VR. We made up a game for our allocated category. Then we had the GameBlox workshop where we had to create a game in 1 hour. After that we had a chemistry 'magic' show. Next we saw a Marie Curie performance and went back to the hotel. On Friday we had a tour of Harvard University and did some shopping. After that, we went to BIS Boston and had a glow in the dark party. On Saturday we travelled back to Shanghai. On this trip, I learned that working as a team is way more fun than working alone. I learned part of the periodic table song and lots of thing about science such as that halogens react aggressively with alkalis and I learned a lot about things that elements are used for.


SeungWoo, Year 6

MIT was a good experience for me because I made lots of new friends and I learned new things. Also, I liked how we made our own games like a carnival and tested them out. We also made things like bows and arrows and vacuum chambers and we fenced using the Makey Makey kit. We also had a glow in the dark party where people danced and had fun.  So basically, on Monday, we started eating breakfast, eating the BEST breakfast ever!!! Mark (one of the trip leaders ) told us to walk to the MIT museum all together as a group (as we didn’t know who was in our group). When we arrived, we sat beside the souvenir shop listening to john the MIT museum director’s speech about the fire hose. Then we split into our 4 groups and did our activities. For example, we did Fish n’ ships where we designed a rudder that works best for the model ship. Then, we went to MMMMaven which is a DJ place where we learned how to be a DJ and made our own songs. We then went to BodaBorg where we did some physical level to get a stamp. On Tuesday, we went to the ice rink where we made bows, vacuum chambers, and did some fencing. After that, we went to  Simmons hall where we had a science trivia and had dinner. On Wednesday, we did an activity called 2.009 where we met a professor who liked designing. 2.009 was where we designed a carnival game for everyone to try. On Thursday, we went to a place where they call the Dr. Seuss building where we met Johnny Sun and got his autograph and we went to the souvenir shop and bought souvenirs! Then we went to the VR workshop and designed our own VR games!!! After that, we were trying to find the GameBlox but we got lost on our way! But we still got there! Then we went to the Chemistry Magic Show and saw lots and lots of cool things! Then we went to the Marie Curie performance and ate uranium cakes! Everyone was shocked when they heard her real voice!!! On  Friday, we went to Harvard University where we saw lots and lots of cool buildings and we even had a tour!! Overall, I thought MIT was awesome and cool because I like science and engineering. Personally, I learnt a lot of things!!!!


Jada, Year 6

At MIT we participated in many fun activities. I enjoyed BodaBorg and MMMMaven the most because in BodaBorg we worked in teams to complete tasks and stages. In MMMMaven we were put into pairs and worked on our own songs and DJ sets. Furthermore, the Pirate Day was very intriguing and interested because we used a Makey Makey, used bows and arrows, made vacuum chambers and played capture the flag.


Some other activities that we took part in are fish n' ships, 2.009 and we also had a tour around Harvard. In the fish n' ships workshop, we made our own rudder for a small ship to move the ship through a small plastic tank. For 2.009 we were separated into different teams where we acted as young entrepreneurs. The organizers explained to us that we had to make a carnival game that will be graded at the end of the activity. We learnt the three steps needed to create a final product: Ideate, Model, Test. Firstly we wrote down our ideas on post it notes so we can see all of them and chose two of the best. Then, we split up into two small groups and started the next process, model. Making the models was fun as we had many things to choose from. Next, we waited patiently for the CEOs to come and test our games and give us feedback. After choosing our final game, we came back as a team to create the best and final product. Finally, we ended the activity with everyone having the chance to experience and play the games.

Going to MIT was overall a fun and exciting experience which I will never forget.


Conlan, Year 6

My name is Conlan and I am one of the lucky 4 students who got to go and visit MIT.

On Monday we went to the MIT museum and we split into four groups: the Bruins, Patriots, Celtics and the Red Sox. I was in the Red Sox. First, we went to the robot exhibit. After, we went to the Fish and Ships, where we built rudders and saw which rudder was most sufficient. We came 3rd. Then we went to MMMMaven. On Tuesday we went to Johnson's ice rink and got our pirate certificates. After that, we played capture the flag. Sadly we lost. On Wednesday we did product designing where we had to make a carnival game. We got the prize for the best teamwork. Let’s go pink team! On Thursday we went to the reality behind virtual reality where we made a VR game and made our own headset. After we went to GameBlox office which is similar to Scratch. After that, we went to a Chemistry Magic Show which was amazing. Half an hour later we saw a Marie Curie play. Then on the last day, we went to Harvard University where we went into the Harvard library and went on a tour of Harvard. It was a once in a life time opportunity and I will never forget that experience.