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Year 8 News - 12th May 2017

Find out what's been happening in Year 8

Message from the Year Leader

Dads and Kids Campout

One of the most popular events on the school calendar is happening this weekend the Dads and Kids Campout! On Saturday the field will be filled with tents, children and Dads already to have a fun evening! There will be food vendors on-site in the evening and morning for the dads to purchase food.

Multisport will also be joining us to lead some activities and games for the kids. There will be a couple of movies showing as well. And then, of course, there will be lots of time for Dads and Kids to hang out and enjoy camping.

We look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Lesson Updates

Asher – 8A PE

In PE we did striking and fielding. We did target ball and we learnt how to do well.  We had 2 teams we had to run around then we had to hit the ball with a dodgeball. The bibs won the first game. It was really fun we enjoyed the game we played. The rules were you had to hit the tennis ball with a dodgeball in order to do that we had to pass the ball till we get to the other side and we have to hit the tennis ball to fall off.

Patricia – 8A English

We had to describe a place and what to do there. We did descriptive writing for our assessment. We learned how to use semi-colon and colons. Then we started to write on a computer. We had to finish it for homework.

Jack – 8A Maths

In Maths, we learnt about Trigonometry. We learnt about sin cos tan. We learnt when to use sin, cos or tan by using soh cah toa. Soh is sin opposite and hypotenuse. Cah is cos adjacent and hypotenuse. Toa is tan opposite and adjacent.

Axel  - 8A History

Last week in History we have been learning about the Paris of the east (Shanghai in the 1920s). There were two classes of people during that time; the highlife which are the rich and live luxurious and the cd underbelly who were gangs and criminals. To learn about this we separated the class into two groups, the highlife and the cd underbelly and we each had to present how life was like for these people using some presentations methods. Afterwards we started to learn about the police force in Shanghai and how it was difficult to control the city back then.

Marlene & Fiona – 8A Mandarin

For Mandarin this week, we learnt some new words. And our teacher tested us on those words. Fiona and I found it very easy but some students needed more time  to prepare for the test.  We finished early so we had some spare time to read some Chinese books which was interesting. All of us passed the test which was great and we also we learnt some different ways to express ourselves in written Chinese.

Rebecca – 8A Science

In Science last week we learnt about the periodic table. We learnt about the groups they were in. On Friday we started to create a video showing how the periodic table elements were found and how people used them to find new ones.