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News image Y11 - Support and working together-y11--support-and-working-together-Picture1 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
Y11 - Support and working together
Year 11 is a testing time for students, teachers, and parents. For our students, the previously elusive IGCSE exams were a glimmer on the horizon. The realisation that the mock exams are in 24 weeks has been something of a shock to the system for many. Add this to the serious and complicated nature of the PSHE sessions in the past weeks, the Y11 pastoral team wanted to try to relieve some of the growing pressure and stress.
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News image Digital footprint: The cyberspace that never fades-digital-footprint-the-cyberspace-that-never-fades-book2digitfootsocialfootprintanshullabs Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
Digital footprint: The cyberspace that never fades
It can be easily said that in today’s world we are living online and I think we still have yet to fully realize the implications of doing so, one of those implications is that our tracks through the digital sand are eternal!
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News image Secondary Sports Day 2022-secondary-sports-day-2022-Sportsdayjpg Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
Secondary Sports Day 2022
On 17th June BCB secondary school students took part in a house sports day. Students competed in a variety of team events, each worth up to 100 house points. The team with the most house points at the end of day won the coveted house trophy!
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News image WIDA all about it-wida-all-about-it-wiidajpg Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
WIDA all about it
WIDA MODEL provides information about a student’s level of English proficiency (ability to listen, speak, read, and write), both in social and academic language. Social language is English used in everyday communication. Academic language is English used in association with school subject areas including: Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Sciences at all age levels.
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News image Developing Critical Reading-developing-critical-reading-critical reading Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
Developing Critical Reading
Throughout the English curriculum at BCB, students are encouraged to be critical readers. But what is critical reading? According to The Writing Centre, critical reading is ‘reading that applies certain processes, models, questions, and theories that result in enhanced clarity and comprehension.’
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News image Puzzle of the Week-puzzle-of-the-week-Screen Shot 20220603 at 110326 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
Puzzle of the Week
The school has recently joined in with the puzzle of the week! It is an international maths competition to engage students, teachers and parents alike! The puzzles are designed to be accessible to all students from year 5 and up, and often our year 4s like to have a go.
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News image O Feminino no Realismo Brasileiro-o-feminino-no-realismo-brasileiro-Screen Shot 20220525 at 102829 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
O Feminino no Realismo Brasileiro
"Olhos de cigana oblíqua e dissimulada. Eu não sabia o que era obliqua, mas dissimulada sabia…"
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News image How the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of experimentation in science lessons-how-the-covid-19-pandemic-has-shown-us-the-importance-of-experimentation-in-science-lessons-blog Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
How the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of experimentation in science lessons
Science teachers are aware that experimentation awakens a strong interest among students at different levels of schooling. Students also tend to attribute to experimentation a motivating, playful, intrinsically linked to the senses. On the other hand, it is not uncommon to hear from teachers that experimentation increases the ability to learn, as it works as a means of involving the student in the topics that are discussed in theory lessons.
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News image Wars, conflicts, migration…-wars-conflicts-migration-Picture blog56 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
Wars, conflicts, migration…
People that migrate (move) from the place where they live to a new place where they will live are known as migrants. Internally displaced people (people that migrate inside the country), internationally displaced people (people that migrate out to a different country), refugees (people that seek refuge, shelter), they are all types of migrants. Migrants, and migration, are as old as humanity itself. Migration is so common, and so present in our daily lives, that it’s very likely you know someone in your family who is (was) a migrant. My family, for instance, is made up of many migrants.
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News image IGCSE Exams-igcse-exams-IGCSE Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
The Y11s only have about two weeks to prepare for their IGCSE exams. This is quite an interesting but also very demanding time for them - everyone remembers how stressful exams can be from back when we were in school ourselves.
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News image When codes make it work-when-codes-make-it-work-Screen Shot 20220318 at 110829 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
When codes make it work
Technology is an innovation of humans and learning how to intentionally engage with Big Data, Machine Learning, and the Internet of things is an essential skill in our everyday lives. As smart devices and cloud connection become an increasing part of daily life on Earth, coding and programming is evolving from an optional field of study into a basic literacy.
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News image Vocabulary, collocations and ablaut reduplication (or another reason why acquiring English is difficult).-vocabulary-collocations-and-ablaut-reduplication-Screen Shot 20220304 at 142953 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
Vocabulary, collocations and ablaut reduplication (or another reason why acquiring English is difficult).
When reviewing vocabulary during a speaking activity recently, one student used the phrase, “I put my fork and knife down.”  I recast the sentence saying, “So, you put down your knife and fork?”. “Yes, I put down my fork and knife.”, came the response. Why did this sound so odd to me and why was the poor student confused when I tried to explain that it’s knife and fork in English, in that order otherwise it sounds wrong? I believe a direct translation from Portuguese (garfo e faca) is partly at fault for the confusion, but English must also take some of the blame.
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News image The Arts-the-arts-Picture7 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
The Arts
In the arts we are enjoying the experience of teaching and learning practical work again. Our students are doing a range of activities including; printing, perspective, painting, playing instruments, playing in ensembles and performing in front of an audience.
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News image Looking back on Term 1-looking-back-on-term-1-Screen Shot 20220128 at 115204 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
Looking back on Term 1
What an interesting and eventful first term it was! As we are now heading full gear into term 2, it’s always valuable to look back upon what we have done and achieved.
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News image A New Year brings the start of the Extended Essay-a-new-year-brings-the-start-of-the-extended-essay-Screen Shot 20220121 at 093005 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
A New Year brings the start of the Extended Essay
January, the start of Term 2 and without doubt the most demanding period of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) for students and staff at BCB. For our IBDP2 cohort, the final deadlines of their controlled assessments arrive and as their courses finish revision picks up pace. For staff, alongside their usual workload comes the added need to mark and moderate assessed work. As well as plan interesting and worthwhile revision activities. It is also in the second term of the IBDP that the weight and expectations of the program become a reality for our IBDP1 cohort.
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News image DP result analysis and BCB success!!!!-dp-result-analysis-and-bcb-success-IBDP analysis Blog | SecondaryBlog | Highlights | Secondary Blog
DP result analysis and BCB success!!!!
In my first post of the new academic year, I want to take the opportunity to share and discuss our IBDP results from our first cohort of students to complete the course. I am sure you will have seen the headline figures as they were shared on the BCB instagram. However, I hope to share some context about what these results mean and what we have learned from the experience.
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News image Reintegrating into Presential School-reintegrating-into-presential-school-Picture 1 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
Reintegrating into Presential School
It actually felt like my first day at BCB on Aug 16th, though I had joined a year back. For the first time, I saw most of the students, used a notebook and pen after a long time and actually had face to face conversations with my colleagues and students. Laughter, chatter, moving of furniture as the students settled into their classrooms all felt new but exciting. I know for a fact that the PE, ART and Science teachers were the most jubilant as finally they could actually do some actual practical teaching.
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News image International education and intercultural competence-international-education-and-intercultural-competence-Intercompetence Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
International education and intercultural competence
We are all aware of our core value at BCB of being ambitious and having a growth mindset as being part of the group of 73 Nord Anglia Schools but the purpose of education is not just about the self but wider society. Intercultural competence is something that has come to the forefront of international education but what does this mean for our teachers, students and parents as part of the BCB community?
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News image Careers Week and Holidays.-careers-week-and-holidays-image 3 Blog | SecondaryBlog | Secondary Blog
Careers Week and Holidays.
Years 9 and above this week engaged in our first ever Careers Week at BCB where we enjoyed partnerships with The MET School in Panama, Unifrog, Daqui Pra Fora and some great parent keynote speakers organised by the BCB Parent Teacher Association.
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