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MIT Challenge - Living in Space Part. 3
We are excited to announce the last part of our Living in Space MIT Challenge.
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MIT Challenge - Living In Space (Part.2)
With more than 250 questions sent to Ariel Ekblaw about living in space on the first part of our MIT Challenge, we are happy to launch the second part of this challenge today. Students have a week to imagine and plan a device to be used in the International Space Station - ISS to improve human experience away from Earth in one of the following areas: Food / Sports & Exercises / Art.
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Project Based Learning - Influenced by our Aproach Taken by STEAM and our Collaboration with MIT.
This week in Secondary we launched Project Based Learning* (PBL) which is heavily influenced by the approach taken by STEAM and the collaboration NAE has with The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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Design and Technology Celebration
We had a special celebration of Design & Technology at the end of February. All classes on both campuses took part in projects linked to their Creative Curriculum learning and worked individually and collaboratively to design and make a variety of different products.
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STEAM WEEK - Primary - Cidade Jardim
The STEAM week was great success and all of the children were active and engaged. The event demonstrated the creativity and talents of our children at the school.
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Summer Programme
Students can now take part in a summer programme at the Village School, in Houston, Texas.
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Science Fair at Cidade Jardim Campus
This year the children at Cidade Jardim Campus put tremendous effort into their science projects.
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CF Maths Day 2016
The British College of Brazil celebrated world maths day on March 9 th , 2016. The theme for the day was The Olympics.
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Science Week
This week, the children have been taking part in Science Week. Each morning has begun with a 'Big Wow' a start to the day where the children have been amazed at science in action.
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Nursery's Maths Fun Day
On Tuesday 2nd of February the Nursery children from the Cidade Jardim campus visited us at Chacara Flora for a special Fun Maths Morning.
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Code Club ASA
The KS2 children at the Cidade Jardim campus have been taking part in an exciting ASA where they have been developing their computational thinking skills
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