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Nord Anglia
26 January, 2016

Superheroes Trip

Superheroes Trip-superheroes-trip-00PD0000013RKPaMAO2ff048bc501442a6b698f657fb03af10
Superheroes Trip To start our new Superhero topic in Year 1 we jumped onboard the Bat bus and headed to the OA campus.

Once there we watched a short presentation outlining the content of the upcoming term. We then took part in a giant online Superhero quiz using the Socrates App to find out how super our Super hero knowledge was. Then it was time to take part in our Superhero activities. Each teacher had an activity themed around a different Superhero. We did cooked treats with the Hulk, made masks to hide our identities with Batman, create full body costumes with Catwoman, went swinging through an obstacle course with Spiderman, pitted our wits against Tony Stark in a tricky quiz, and trained with Captain America so we can be ready to fight crime. It was a great day and we cant wait to become fully qualified Superheroes!