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06 June, 2016

Bugsy Malone

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Bugsy Malone Musical Theatre is becoming a thing at British College of Brazil.

Musical Theatre is becoming a thing at British College of Brazil. As the school grows, so too do the events. This year the school staged 3 separate productions: Key stage 1 produced a show based on one of their favourite stories Giraffes cant dance, Key stage 2 performed Disneys The Jungle Book and Key stage 3 performed the well known gangster themed show Bugsy Malone. In primary school all students participate in the musical production, but in secondary it is optional for students. Amazingly 43 students signed up to participate in the production (which is approximately half of the secondary school cohort this year). When Bugsy Malones opening night came, everybody was ready and the show began with a bang. The set looked amazing- created from scratch by Wezio Souza, the cast looked fantastic wearing suits and 1920s flapper dresses, the band sounded fabulous made up of teachers and students; there was nothing that wasnt brilliant. The show was a huge success and the students had so much fun with the splurge guns and cream pies. The feedback from the audience ranged from A fantastic show with a laugh a minute to WOW! It should be on Broadway. The question remains - what will we produce next year?