Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
27 November, 2017

The Rocky Monster Show

The Rocky Monster Show BCB's Upper Key Stage 2 Production.

This year's Upper Key Stage 2 school production was set to be an affair of horror and rock as Miss Robinson and Ms Ramos chose 'The Rocky Monster Show'. Based around the life of Professor Fenton, a scientist of genetics, and his assistants Dan and Rebecca, they created an array of monsters from the dead to perform their own Rock Concert. Every step of the way, the children from Year 5 and 6 upheld themselves with the best efforts and skills, impressing the teachers along the way. Throughout rehearsals, fun was had and the original songs were a hit with parents and children alike. As the show came around, each and every child gave 100%, putting on an incredible show. Following the exciting closing number of the Time Warp, a well deserved standing ovation put a heart warming end to a long yet enjoyable process, with the children receiving the recognition they deserved.