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23 April, 2021

University Offers

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University Offers We're proud to share an update on the amazing 33 university offers BCB's first graduating class have received so far

We're proud to share an update on the amazing 33 university offers BCB's first graduating class  have received so far

They include 5 of the top 20 UK Universities: Durham University, The University of Warwick, University of Bristol, The University of Edinburgh and the University of Leeds. The University of Sussex has also offered a place. They have also been accepted in the top ranked Canadian University - the University of Toronto.  4 of the Top 50 USA Universities were also received: Boston University, University of California - Davis, University of Florida, and Rutgers, as well as Texas A&M, Wake Forest to name a few. 

Subjects include: 


Business and Management, Politics and International Relations, Mechanical Engineering, International Management, Marketing, Political Science & Theatre, and Business Administration.

The full list of University offers received so far are:



01.University of Toronto


02.Durham University

03.The University of Edinburgh

04.The University of Warwick

05.University of Bath

06.University of Bristol

07.University of Leeds

08.US University of Sussex


09.American University of Washington

10.Bentley University

11.Boston University

12.Clark University

13.Colorado State University

14.Iowa State University

15.NC State University x 2 offers

16.Purdue University


18.Temple University

19.Texas A&M University

20.The University of Oklahoma

21.The University of Utah

22.UC Davis - University of California

23.UC San Diego

24.University of South Carolina

25.University of South Florida x 2 offers

26.University of Richmond

27.University of Illinois - URBANA - CHAMPAIGN x  2 offers

28.University of Florida


30.Wake Forest University


Congratulations to all students and thank you to our teachers for providing a personalized education preparing our students to enter the best universities around the world, and for the challenges beyond!