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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at The British College of Brazil is run by our dedicated parents and acts as an integral part of school life. The PTA enhances our wonderful school spirit and encourages positive social interaction among parents, staff, and students.


Welcome to our executive members.
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Josimari Afonso
PTA Vice President Chacara Flora
Josi and her two girls joined the BCB community in 2016.

“I hope that by seeing our work, our kids get inspired to engage and make the difference in their community”.

The Vice President represents the community at the monthly meetings with the school heads. They look after policies and rules and bring new issues for the PTA discussion and seek solutions. They replace the president in meetings if she/he is absent.
Thais Vergilio
Thais Vergilio
PTA Vice President Cidade Jardim
Thais and her son joined the BCB community in 2018.

“My son started at the BCB Nursery and in these 5 years I witnessed his incredible development and extraordinary adaptation to a community of huge cultural diversity. I value his education and I am extremely happy to choose BCB and to be a part of this close-knit community.”

The Vice President represents the community at the monthly meetings with the school heads. They look after policies and rules and bring new issues for the PTA discussion and seek solutions. They replace the president in meetings if she/he is absent. 
Sheila Keri
Sheila Keri
Sheila and her boys joined the BCB community in 2016.

“I hope to help our community grow, by being an example for our children to become responsible citizens.”

Our treasurer controls the PTA funds in line with the committee’s decisions (based on an Annual Budget) and report financial information monthly to the rest of the Executive Committee (EC) and Financial Committee. Our treasurer manages the day-to-day finances, pay bills, assure compliance with legal requirements and keeps a detailed and accurate record of the PTA’s financial activity. Also, our treasurer makes sure upcoming events are affordable and profitable.
Marina Watts
Marina Watts

Marina and her two daughters joined the BCB community in 2021.

“ I believe the education of our children is the most important element to a better future. By joining the PTA I hope I can contribute to their learning experience. “

The secretary ensures that the PTA’s activities run smoothly. They assist the vice-presents with planning meetings, Communicates with the school and committee members, including circulating the agenda before PTA meetings. Takes minutes at meetings, recording the key points, decisions made and relevant action points. They also keep records and share information.


Sandriani barbosa
Sandriani Barbosa
Social Impact Coordinator
Sandi, her daughter and son joined the BCB community in 2022

“I believe by gathering parents, students and teachers in a chain of good actions and social responsibilities, we transform lives and make this world better!”

This role is responsible for working with the community to plan and execute charity campaigns, recruiting volunteers, selecting charitable actions, and institutions. They work with the Events coordinator to organise fundraisings at the school’s events. They get support from the treasurer to come up with the budget planning and provide reports about charitable actions and its impact.
Paula Curiati Battisti
Paula Curiati Battisti
Second Hand Uniform Coordinator
Paula, her daughter and son joined the BCB community in 2016

“I am honoured and thrilled to work with BCB as a Second-Hand Uniforms Coordinator, aiming to help the community build together a global and truly inspirational learning environment.”

The role is responsible for organising all the uniforms donations from the families, evaluating and selecting the items, making the sales during the year in the school and also being the manager and main contact to parents who want to buy the uniforms.
Gilara Cabral
Gilara Cabral
Welcome New Families Coordinator
Gilara and her two sons joined the BCB community in 2018.

“It is an amazing community, where the students can perform their social skills in a healthy environment with academic excellence.”

The role is responsible to support the school during the orientation day for the new families and students, communicate with those news parents and help them to connect to their year groups communications platforms, help with doubts and to settle in the new school.
Class Representative
They are the contact point between teacher and parents, collect funds and buy presents for teachers, arrange meetings if needed.
Year Representatives
Be the contact person for classes reps of your kid’s year. Discuss subjects of interest with parents and other PTA members. Take part in PTA monthly meetings.
PTA Charity


Our PTA also gets deeply involved in some charity projects with our students and community. The PTA has organised events such as:

  • A second-hand uniform sale: an opportunity for our community to purchase pre-owned items, at a nominal cost, and all funds go to support a charity.
  • A bake sale to support a charity.
  • Other fundraising events throughout the year.
BCB Second hand store


Selling second-hand uniforms gives creative ways to parents to pass on items they can no longer use. The sales raise valuable funds and lessen the environmental impact of uniform production and disposal.

The PTA has a Second-hand Uniforms Coordinator who manages a team that helps all families get school uniforms in good condition at a bargain prices. The coordinator promotes sales events during the year and collects and organises the pieces. The PTA accepts donations year-round in the Second-hand box at BCB's front desk.


If you'd like to learn more or get involved, please contact our PTA.


Stay on top of your child’s school day, lunchtime meal, daily dressing in uniform, and transport to and from school by visiting our Parent Essentials page. Or learn about how to get involved with our Parent Teacher Association. We have everything you need to know at The British College of Brazil – all in one place!

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