13 May, 2024

International teaching expert brings leading STEAM knowledge from the world’s best university to Vietnam

International teaching expert brings leading STEAM knowledge from the world’s best university to Vietnam | British International School Hanoi - International teaching expert brings leading STEAM knowledge from the worlds best university
The world’s best university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) welcomed Nord Anglia Education (NAE) educator Hannah Budd, to explore the future of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) education in Vietnam.

Based at the British International School Hanoi (BIS Hanoi) in Vietnam’s capital, Hannah travelled to MIT in the United States to train with world-leading researchers and renowned academics at the forefront of STEAM research and thinking.

“[The experience was] unforgettable - it was incredible to visit such an inspiring institution. Students at MIT tackle real world problems using design thinking skills and interdisciplinary learning - they research and study, and also have a hands-on approach to prototyping and making their ideas,” said Hannah.

Teaching in Vietnam as the Head of Art & Design, Hannah learnt more about MIT’s globally celebrated educational approach Mens et Manus, and how use it to bring greater transformative experiences to children in Vietnam.

“I visited many labs and maker spaces, and attended lectures and MIT challenges. I’ve brought a lot of knowledge and experiences from MIT back to the British International School Hanoi, to challenge and inspire students, and create outstanding professional learning pathways for maths, science and art educators teaching in Vietnam.”

Through an existing collaboration between MIT and Nord Anglia Education, NAE teachers and students look beyond the traditional, embracing curiosity and creatively problem-solving through real-world challenges.

As part of this, MIT invites a selection of Nord Anglia Education teachers from around the world to learn from their academics and researchers. The world’s best university also sets challenges every year for NAE students to complete with their teachers.

While visiting MIT, Hannah prepared for the first challenge, Build Better Plant Challenge through a lecture from biologist and epigeneticist Mary Gehring, looking at environmental stressors that plants battle with for students to ultimately design a plant that can survive and reproduce.

BIS Hanoi Year 7 STEAM Fair

“Students at the British International School Hanoi had to do a lot of research – learning from existing plants, exploring complex issues caused by global warming, and problem solving with innovative solutions,” said Hannah. “They showcased their work at a STEAM fair with a poster, model and video testing their plant prototype.”

MIT visual artist lecturer Seth Riskin also inspired Hannah, introducing the science of perception and its connection to art and neuroscience.

“Artists are very good at conveying their visual perception to others through their chosen medium, and Seth Riskin uses light as an instrument to explore the way we see, and how our brains process that information,” Hannah said.

“Both artists and neuroscientists have a shared interest in the way our brains process light and depth, and it was fascinating to see some of the ways that Riskin demonstrates this to his students. As an art teacher, this was the most interesting lecture for me, and I am planning to create similar workshops for the students at BIS Hanoi.”

As the world’s best university at the forefront of cutting edge research, MIT supports Nord Anglia Education students and educators to embrace collaboration, creativity and curiosity, and use critical thinking to tackle real-world challenges in STEAM. Teaching in Vietnam at a Nord Anglia Education school gives educators extraordinary opportunities through MIT, and encourages children to experiment and be agile in an ever-changing world.

To learn more about Nord Anglia Education’s global collaboration with MIT, visit www.nordangliaeducation.com/bis-hanoi/collaborations/mit.

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