16 December, 2022

BIS HCMC Students Win Top Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2022

BIS HCMC Students Win Top in the World and Top in Vietnam in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards 2022
It is with great pride that we announce that 10 BIS HCMC students received Cambridge Assessment Outstanding Learner Awards for their exceptional achievements in IGCSEs in 2022.

Among these, 2 students came out Top in the World and 5 Top in Vietnam. What’s more impressive is the breadth of the subjects students won awards for, in Maths, Science, English, the Arts and Physical Education. 

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards programme celebrates the success of learners taking Cambridge examinations in over 40 countries around the world. BIS HCMC offers the Cambridge IGCSE program which nurtures our students' strengths, tests their skills and develops their independence in preparation for the challenge of IBDP in Sixth Form. 

Top in the World 

Two exceptional students achieved the highest accolade of joint Top in the World in Mathematics.  This in itself is simply phenomenal but they also did this by taking their IGCSEs a year earlier than usual! Congratulations to these incredible young mathematicians: 


  • Lee Yeongseo, Top in the World in Mathematics 
  • Ryu Jaeyeon,  Top in the World in Mathematics 

Top in Vietnam 

The following 5 BIS HCMC students achieved the Top in Vietnam Awards: 

  • Bui Tu Khanh, Top in Vietnam in Art and Design (4th in the World) 
  • Jung Yerin, Top in Vietnam in Chemistry 
  • Phua Brenda, Top in Vietnam Xin Hui in English Literature
  • William John Burden, Top in Vietnam in Physical Education
  • Le Hoang Minh Anh, Top in Vietnam in Physics

Besides this, 3 students achieved the High Achievement Award which is granted to students who receive outstanding results in subjects which are not so widely taken and therefore cannot qualify for the Top in Country and World awards but are just as impressive, they are: 

  • Elijah Eaton, High Achievement in Music 
  • Anya De Chakrabarty, High Achievement in Music 
  • Tan Yee Chien, High Achievement in Spanish Language 


We are very proud of the breadth of academic excellence across subjects and pride ourselves in our holistic approach to learning. This huge achievement is indicative of the dedication and passion of our students, as well as the hard work of our world-class teachers that support them in reaching these heights. A huge 90% of the award winners joined BIS HCMC before Year 8 (With 60% joining in Primary school and some as early as Foundation Stage 1 and Year 1), and they have grown tremendously throughout their journey at BIS HCMC. 


Our incredible achievers in maths shared with us;

“I am so proud to achieve this award and it gives me so much motivation to keep working hard in this next stage of my educational journey” - Yeongseo, Year 11.  

“It was such a great moment to share with my family who support me and see how delighted and proud they felt” - Jaeyeon, Year 11.

It is more than evident that the pride that is felt by the students and their teachers is also felt by parents and our entire supportive BIS community.

One parent shared; “We’re very proud of how hard Anya works and how dedicated she is with all her activities. While this is a huge achievement for her, it has been made possible by the incredible learning environment, the support, and the wide-ranging opportunities she got from the school. We’re grateful to BIS for giving her the space to grow, the encouragement and guidance to pursue her interests and for celebrating her accomplishments.” 



After announcing these awards in a special assembly, our Head of Secondary, Sean O’Neil shared some final advice, not only with our 10 award achievers but our entire Year 12 who collectively achieved incredible success in their IGCSE’s. “You are a special group of young people and yes you have achieved academic success and that is important - but you are also musicians and artists, athletes, humanitarians, community leaders and most importantly friends to each other.  Although today is about recognising milestones achieved, always remember that it is so important to not be so fixed on the end point that you don’t enjoy the journey along the way. I saw that in you all yesterday during Sports Day - fun and laughter, enjoying the journey. Keep working hard, keep seeking support and giving support to each other in the months to come and I know there are many more celebrations ahead”


A huge congratulations to our 10 dedicated students on this extraordinary achievement. We can’t wait to see what they achieve in the IBDP over the coming two years.