BIS HCMC Aquathlon 2023-BIS HCMC Aquathlon 2023-BIS Crest Crop
Phil Husband
Director of Sport
01 June, 2023

BIS HCMC aquathlon 2023

BIS HCMC Aquathlon 2023-BIS HCMC Aquathlon 2023-270523KI8A6371DN 211zon
We saw another family favourite return to the BIS calendar last week with the annual BIS Aquathlon once again competed by over 130 students. British summer time weather was ordered and the conditions were perfect for fast times in and out of the pool. The event consisted of two sections; a swim and then a run. This could be completed individually on the participants own, or as a two person team; one person swimming and their partner running. Both of these disciplines proved popular as we had big numbers for each of the races. 

BIS HCMC Aquathlon 2023-BIS HCMC Aquathlon 2023


First up were the Year 1 and 2 children, eagerly entering the Junior campus and organising themselves with race information and proudly writing it on their arms for all to see. For some of these children it will have been the first time in the Junior Campus pool and on the big field. They did not, however, let the occasion get the better of them. All children completed the set distances in the water and on the grass to finish a gruelling event in style. 



Following the EYI children, year group races were completed by individuals and then teams in each race. The BIS Aide Memoire was live and in action for all to see. Competitors showed enquiry by putting themselves up for the challenge, integrity by completing the set number of lengths and laps and incredible amounts of perseverance to keep on going when the going got tough. 

This event is not easy and it took a huge amount of effort to complete the distances with determination and most of all speed. Some great times were set, personal bests attained and most importantly fun was had by all participants who finished the BIS Aquathlon 2023. 

Race podium places included:







We look forward to seeing more students, and even more parents, sign up for this fantastic event next year! 


Mr Husband
Director of Sport BIS HCMC