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News image Enhancing Your Child's Success-Teacher blog-John B Blog Blog | Global Education | Featured
Enhancing Your Child's Success
BISC Lincoln Park Head of Campus, John Biggs illustrates how parent-teacher collaboration can be the key to a student's success in school. 
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News image Building Community-Building Community-EW blog banner Blog | Featured
Building Community
Erin Woodhams, Director of Marketing, Admissions & Communications and parent of two at BISC-LP shares insights about the value of being engaged in your child's school community and the opportunities available to families at BISC-LP. 
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News image Pantomime-Pantomime-Peter Pan Panto 1280 x 720 px 1000 x 600 px Blog | Featured | Global Education
The Joy of Vaguely Organized Nonsense
Year 3 Teacher and Pantomime Director, Tim Tuckley-Cariveau shares the history and significance of this time-honored BISC-LP tradition!
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News image Creating your future at BISC-LP-Creating your future at BISC-LP-Steph landscape Blog | Global Education | Featured
Creating your future at BISC-LP
Stephanie Davis, Early Years Curriculum Director and Reception Teacher spotlights how our teachers are preparing our students to be thinkers, creators and future makers. 
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News image Developing Emotional Wellbeing through Mindful Play-Developing Emotional Wellbeing through Mindful Play-Jen P Blog | Featured | Global Education
Developing Emotional Wellbeing through Mindful Play
Jennifer Partington, Reception Teacher and Leader illustrates the benefits of mindful play on the development of children's emotional well-being. 
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News image Using Topic choices to make change makers-Using Topic choices to make change makers-Hopps at desk Blog | Global Education | Featured
Using Topic choices to make change makers.
Adam Hopps, Year 3 Leader and Teacher shares how a topic-based approach to teaching is the key to teaching children the important skills they need to be global citizens. 
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News image INSIGHTS news piece-INSIGHTS blog-insights News | Global Education | Featured
Nord Anglia Education launches INSIGHTS digital publication offering a refreshingly honest view on future of education.

Nord Anglia Education introduces a new publication that offers a comprehensive look into hot-topic aspects of global education and what the future of education and wellbeing could look like.


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News image Enhancing Learning at Home-Enhancing Learning at Home-carla resize Blog | Featured | Global Education
How to Enhance Learning at Home
Carla Williamson, Year 2 Leader and Head of Phase 1, shares her insights about the benefits of non-academic learning activities outside of the classroom. 
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News image Creating Thinkers-Creating Thinkers-Gregory at Desk Blog | Featured | Global Education
Creating Thinkers
Matt Gregory, Assistant Head for Well-Being explains the importance of critical thinking skills in developing a generation of thinkers, creators, and future-makers.
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News image Unleashing Creative Potential-Unleashing Creative Potential-Young boy playing the keyboard Blog | Be Ambitious | Featured | Global Education
Unleashing Creative Potential

The Performing Arts Team shares more about the BISC-LP collaboration with Juilliard and how the Juilliard Creative Classroom benefits our students. 

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News image Routines for Wellbeing-Routines for Wellbeing-Judith Blog | Featured | Global Education | Value and Character
Routines for Wellbeing
Director of Inclusion at South Loop and Lincoln Park campuses, Judith Scholes shares insight into the value of routine during the adjustment to a new school year, and in our overall wellbeing. 
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News image Supporting the continuation of skills during the long summer break-Supporting the continuation of skills during the long summer break-Reception Team Blog | Featured
Supporting the continuation of skills during the long summer break
The Reception Team shares helpful insight into how to support students during holidays and breaks. 
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News image Beyond the Classroom-Beyond the Classroom-Anoushka and Gio News | Be Ambitious | Featured | School News
Beyond the Classroom
Childhood friends and Year 4 classmates, Anoushka and Gio recently put their athleticism to the test when they competed in Cori’s Kids Triathlon.
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News image Into the Unknown-Into The Unkown-Steph Davis Blog Photo Blog | Global Education | Featured | homepagefeaturedarticle
Into the Unknown
Reception Teacher and Early Years Curriculum Director, Steph Davis sheds light on the transition process in learning and how best to support students in the early years. 
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News image The benefits of Scaffolding in a primary setting-The benefits of Scaffolding in a primary setting-Carlie Blog Cover pic Blog | Featured | Global Education
The benefits of Scaffolding in a primary setting
Carlie Ennis, Year 2 Teacher and Global Campus Leaders explains the benefits of scaffolding and how she incorporates this teaching technique into her day to day lessons. 
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News image Language acquisition in young children-Language acquisition in young children-Ali M at desk News | Featured | Global Education
Language Acquisition in Young Children

Head of EYFS and Nursery Classroom Teacher, Ali Matthews reflects on the ever-evolving journey of language acquisition, regardless of one's age! 

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News image Developing Independence in Upper KS2-Developing Independence in Upper KS2-Katie Desk Blog News | Featured | Be Ambitious
Developing Independence in Upper KS2
Year 6 Teacher, Katie Miles shares why it's important to encourage children to become independent as they grow, and how teachers and parents can help children achieve this. 
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News image Fostering a Love of Music-Fostering a Love of Music-Chamber ensemble Winter Concert resize News | Featured | Global Education
Fostering a Love of Music
Music Specialist, Christian Fernandez shares his thoughts on how to inspire young students to nurture their love of music and performance.
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News image Designing Inclusion for Belonging-Designing Inclusion for Belonging-Judith News | Featured | Global Education
Designing Inclusion for Belonging
Judith Scholes, Learning Resource Leader & Director of Safeguarding, Inclusion & Culture talks about BISC Lincoln Park's commitment to inclusion and how this takes shape in the school community and beyond. 
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News image Valuing the Process of Learning-Valuing the Process of Learning-Dragonflies resize 2 News | Featured | Value and Character
Valuing the Process of Learning
In this week’s blog, Learning Resources Leader & Director of Safeguarding, Inclusion and Culture, Judith Scholes shares how we celebrate learning and encourage students to adapt a growth mind set.
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