23 May, 2017

Robotic Hand

BISC Lincoln Park goes behind the scenes to see how our students created their own do-it-yourself STEAM video!

Year 6 Student, Raffi

"I enjoyed making the hand and how creative the method that we used. It was interesting to see how it came together in the end as well.... I learned that the strings represented the tendons in our hands and how important they are for everyday needs, such as grabbing items.


Year 3 Student, Jacqueline

"I liked creating the hand and being able to work as a team with other students to make something new and interesting... I learned how to make a robot hand and also about the different parts of your hand and what they do."



  1. Lay out your materials.
  2. Measure four starts against your fingers and mark the joints.
  3. Use a craft knife to cut the joints (make sure a adult does this part).
  4. Measure four pieces of string (these should be about 2x the length of your straw).
  5. Thread your string through the top of the straw and out the bottom.
  6. Pull your string to see the fingers move (this part may require some adjustments to your joints).
  7. Repeat this step for all of your fingers/ straws.
  8. Line your straws on-top of some modeling clay (careful not to make this too thick so it will dry).
  9. Add modeling clay to the top of the straws, then shape clay into the shape of a palm.
  10. Let the clay dry.