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13 January, 2022

Tennis at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus

Tennis at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus - tennis-at-the-british-international-school-shanghai-puxi-campus
Tennis at The British International School Shanghai, Puxi Campus On behalf of the sportED Tennis team, we would like to offer a general summary of tennis activities happening this year on the fantastic five court facility we have at the school. PX6_9284

On behalf of the sportED Tennis team, we would like to offer a general summary of tennis activities happening this year on the fantastic five court facility we have at the school. 

Our ambitions are to have a full programme pathway from tennis introduction, general training options, team training and inter-school competition and a full tournament schedule for all levels. 

Here is a general overview of what’s going on on the BISS Puxi tennis courts:

Social Tennis

Time: Tuesday 3:30-4:30

The social tennis session is held once a week and is a free CCA program supervised by a BISS teacher. This session is ideal for students looking to give tennis a go and have a little fun with friends. 


Time: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 3:30-4:30 & 4:30-5:30

BISCAP programs are a paid CCA that are run by our BISS tennis coaching team and are separated by level following the sportED program structure and coaching systems. 

Lions Academy 

Time: Various options throughout the week and weekend

The Lions Academy Programmes are open to all players and run for thirty-six weeks per year divided into two terms. These programs follow a clear curriculum designed for each level and include the sportED ‘school like structure’ with assessments, testing, report cards and more. 

Lions Team 

Time: Wednesday 5:30-7:30

The BISS Lions team training is run by the sportED coaching team throughout the school term. This programme is to bring the BISS students together and build a strong tennis team to compete against other schools. 


sportED runs an extensive competitions platform powered by UTR. In 2022 there will be 24-36 tournaments and events help onsite for players of all levels, from Red ball to Junior. Stay tuned for the tournament schedule. 

New in 2022! The sportED programmes are taken to the next level with a full annual training programme option that includes a full year training plan, tournament schedule, intensive holiday camps, free private lessons and personal player/parent chats. 

A player assessment and parents meeting open day will take place on-site at the courts on Sunday 16 and 23 January - to book your assessment please contact sportED Tennis Director - email:, WeChat: AlanWright / 13564708066.

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BISS PUXI Coaching Team:

Coach Ali Hanoon, Spain, Head Coach

Ali, who is originally from Madrid, started his coaching career in Spain working for top Academies under some of the best coaches in the industry. With his core experience from the Spanish training systems, he moved to Dubai in 2015 and from there he moved to London at the Win to Win Tennis Academy as a high performance senior coach. 

In 2017 he moved to Beijing, China, and worked for 4 years managing programs in various prestigious schools, implementing varsity programs and providing international coaching expertise to local students. 

As a former high level junior player ( UTR 10) Ali continues to use his experience from where he grew up in Spain to work his players very hard and prepare them specifically for competition. He has a huge passion for tennis as a sport and as a life skill. Ali is a very friendly and engaging coach with fantastic communication skills, addressing players firmly and directly, earning their respect and commitment. 

Ali has a Bachelors degree from Madrid University and speaks Spain, English, French and some Japanese. 

He is a RFET (Royal Spain Tennis Federation) and RPT (Registration Tennis Professional) with move than 15 years of coaching experience. 

Ali, who will be based at the sportED Homebase facility at BISS Puxi, is very excited to bring his experience and passion to the courts and further develop the players as best he can.

Coach Frank, Holland, Senior Coach

Frank Schiering, a.k.a Coach Frank, has been coaching with the sportED team for the past year and a half, taking on the schools tennis program sessions. He is from the Netherlands and has over 10 years coaching experience at all levels. He is a certified coach by the Dutch KNLTB and joins us in the capacity of a Senior Coach.

He is a very highly motivated professional who wants to develop his skills as a coach to support the development of youth Tennis players in Shanghai. Player development is his main focus, pushing players to reach the goals laid out in their passports and get them to the next level. This includes encouraging players to compete in tournaments. He will be focussed on the Rainbow programs, training red, orange & green ball and building a strong Junior team of players looking to take their game to the next level and even reach their school tennis team.

His coaching style revolves around his solid playing skills; as a former national-level ranked player in Holland, he implements mostly live ball drills following clear personal goals for each player. This fits in very well with the sportED 'let's PLAY' coaching method and the clear pathway our players follow throughout the year.

Frank speaks fluent English and Dutch with some Chinese. 

Alan Wright, UK, Tennis Director 

Alan is a former ATP player, sponsored Babolat Elite coach China and one of a handful of high-level and experienced coaches in China. During his 10+ years in China, he has placed over 25 players into the top 50 ITF working with national and provincial teams and has supported over a dozen players to play NCAA tennis at top US colleges on sports scholarships. 

He also coached and travelled with many top Chinese players full time on the WTA/ATP Tour, including touring with world No.1 junior Xu Shilin who won the Junior Masters  Series and Junior Olympics. 

His style of coaching is very hands-on with a large focus on technical and tactical fundamentals and extensive player planning. As he grew as a coach he developed “the 8 keys aspects of tennis development” which the academy now follows today as well as a structured training system with clear benchmarking and reporting. 

He has combined his experiences and knowledge learnt on the ground to create a truly all-round tennis training and competitions platform designed for student-athletes to achieve their goals.

To stay up to date on all tennis happenings at BISS Puxi please scan the QR code below and join the BISS Puxi Tennis Community chat.