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News image PAWS2 Events Update-PAWS-paws3 News | School Activities | Community
PAWS2 Events Update

Charity is particularly poignant at Christmas - so what better way to mark Thanksgiving and the beginning of Christmas this year than to celebrate and support our school animal charity PAWS2? So, on Friday 24 November, that is exactly what we did!

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News image Secondary EAL Workshop-EAL Workshop-008A2630 News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Secondary EAL Workshop

On Wednesday 27 September,  the Secondary EAL Department held a parent workshop for all parents with students in Secondary EAL in Years 7-10. The purpose of this event was to allow us the opportunity to meet our parent community, introduce the EAL Department and what we do as well as answer any questions.

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News image Year 7 Homework Project Celebrations-Year 7 Homework Project Celebrations-y7 News | Community | School Activities
Year 7 Homework Project Celebrations

To welcome our Year 7 students to their Secondary School life, a milestone in their learning journey, they undertake a project called “Myself and My School”. The students complete this work in their first two weeks in the Secondary School.

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News image Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations-Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations-midautumn News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

Throughout the final week before the October holiday, all of our Secondary Mandarin students took part in cultural activities ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival on Friday 29 September. The students learned how to make moon cakes as well as learning about some of traditional elements of the festival. The delicious moon cakes were made during their lessons – the students really enjoyed themselves in the process.

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News image Nanjing Trip-Nanjing Trip-nanjing News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Nanjing Trip
The Flowers of War is one of the books that aligns with the syllabus for IB Chinese A Paper 2 that we study. The story is based on the Nanjing Massacre, so last week, we took an educational trip to Nanjing. During the trip, we visited The Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre, which provided us with a deeper insight into the book's descriptions. This experience greatly enhanced our understanding of the book and facilitated the analytical process. Additionally, we visited Wuyi Lane, a location referenced in the book.
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News image Firefly Video Tutorial for Parents-Firefly Video Tutorial for Parents-Firefly screenshot News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Firefly Video Tutorial for Parents

In order to support Secondary parents with our new Firefly system, Mr. Robertson, our Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning, has provided this handy video tutorial to guide you through.

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News image Welcome to the IB Academy: Succeeding at the IBDP-Welcome to the IB Academy-IB 2 News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Welcome to the IB Academy: Succeeding at the IBDP

Over the past weeks our Year 12 students have embarked on the next stage of their educational journey with us at BISS Puxi as IB learners. On Thursday 14 September, we held our annual ‘Welcome to the IB Academy: Succeeding at the IBDP’ evening. The purpose of this event is to provide our students and their parents with an overview of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at BISS Puxi and offer practical advice on how best to approach the programme to maximise their potential for success.

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News image Year 13 TOK Exhibition-Year 13 TOK Exhibition-008A1548 News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Year 13 TOK Exhibition
Assessment in Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is conducted through a TOK Exhibition and a 1600-word TOK essay. The TOK exhibition is an internal assessment component that is marked by the teacher and moderated by the IB. It is an excellent opportunity for students to explore what knowledge is and what impacts how we know things.
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News image Reflecting on our Film and Media Parent Workshop-Reflecting on our Film and Media Parent Workshop-008A2009 News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Reflecting on our Film and Media Parent Workshop
Parents were welcomed to the school on Monday 18 September to take part in our first Film and Media Workshop.
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News image Prinsjesdag-Prinsjesdag-Prinsjesdag News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
On Tuesday 19 September, the Shanghai Dutch School celebrated Prinsjesdag 2023. This is an annual Dutch event that always takes place on the third Tuesday of September. On this day, the Dutch government reveals their plans for the new political year. The day is filled with tradition and ceremonial rituals. After the royal carriage has been escorted to the Ridderzaal, the King reads his throne speech. The next important moment is the presentation of the new plans in the Tweede Kamer, where all ministers are present, and the minister of finance brings in the annual budget in a famous briefcase, ready to be discussed. 
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News image RAG Week-RAG Week-rag News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
RAG Week
From Monday 11 to Friday 15 September, our Year 12 students organised a variety of activities to raise awareness of charity groups supported by BISS such as The Huaxin Rehabilitation Centre, Water Aid, UNICEF, Shanghai Roots and Shoots, More than Aware, The Starfish Foundation and Heart to Heart.
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News image Primary Native Mandarin Parent Workshop-Primary Native Mandarin Parent Workshop-Primary Native Mandarin Parent Workshop News | Community | School Activities | Homepage Featured Article
Primary Native Mandarin Parent Workshop

On Monday 18 September, it was with great pleasure that we welcomed our parents to the Primary Native Mandarin Parent Workshop.

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News image Korean University Information Evening-Korean University Information Evening-Korean Uni Talk News | Community | schooladvice | School Activities | Parent Advice | Homepage Featured Article
Korean University Information Session
On the evening of Thursday 7 September, an engaging and informative session took place at BISS Puxi, with the participation of more than 60 enthusiastic attendees. This session was specifically tailored to our IBDP Korean students and their parents, providing valuable insights into the intricate landscape of Korean university admissions.
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News image Pre-Nursery Sports Day-Pre-Nursery Sports Day-DAN_6279 News | Community
Pre-Nursery Sports Day
On Wednesday 17 May, Pre-Nursery students participated in their Pre-Nursery Sports Day event. Unfortunately, the weather was too wet to go outside, and the event took place in the Gymnastics Room. However, the weather did not dampen the spirits of the students. It was a fantastic event, with the pupils performing brilliantly. They displayed determination, perseverance and a great amount of effort.
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News image Biology Trip to the Learning DNA Centre-Biology Trip to the DNA Centre-IMG_20230504_115528 News | Community
Biology Trip to the Learning DNA Centre
We are thrilled to share with you the details of our Year 12 Biology students' recent visit to the DNA Learning Centre in Suzhou, affiliated with the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. This world-renowned research and education institution has been contributing to the field of biomedical research since 1890 and is home to eight Nobel Prize winners, employing over 1,000 people, including scientists, students, and technicians. The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's education arm includes a graduate school, academic publishing house, and programmes for students and teachers at all levels, from middle school to undergraduate.
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News image Mandarin Speech Show-Mandarin Speech Show-008A6628 News | Community
Mandarin Speech Show
The Primary Mandarin Speech Show is one of the most popular language events among the students. Students from Year 3 to Year 6, no matter whether they are from a native Chinese class or non-native Chinese, take the leading role to design their own script; to create their presentation; to host their own show by combining what they have learnt in the language classes and then, use this event as a platform to showcase their language skills in front of an audience.
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News image Modern Foreign Languages-What a journey-MicrosoftTeams-image (3) News | Community
Modern Foreign Languages
Wednesday 19 April was a day to remember for our Years 9 and 10 students of Spanish and French (who also invited two very keen Year 12 French students)… not only were both trips excellently planned and orchestrated, with the minutest attention given to detail, but the students showed they were in their element on the day, enjoying the fun and culture that makes learning these languages so relevant and so special.
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News image Getting Exam Ready-Getting Exam Ready-MicrosoftTeams-image (2) News | Community
Getting Exam Ready
Thank you to those parents and Key Stage 3 students who attended the ‘Getting Exam Ready’ event this week; there was a very strong turnout. It was a pleasure to present information which we hope is of help to you as parents/guardians and your children, to support their academic success through the upcoming weeks, and as students prepare to sit their internal Key Stage 3 examinations from 18-24 May. For you and your children, we aim to strengthen your understanding of the Key Stage 3 exam process and provide guidance on how your children can be successful.
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News image BISS Student Talks 2023-BISS Student Talks 2023-0U8A4927 News | Community
BISS Student Talks 2023
As part of the Key Stage 3 pastoral programme, each pupil was tasked to prepare a speech on a topic they were passionate about. This activity took place during form time within the first term. Pupils chose a diverse array of topics ranging from sports and hobbies to global hot topics such as ‘Misconceptions’, ‘The value of life’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Cancel culture’.
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