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27 March, 2023

What a journey

What a journey - What a journey
We often describe the learning journey of a student as being when they are in the midst of being at school. Recent research suggests that the learning begins whilst in the womb. The foetus is exposed to a range of sensory experiences, such as sound, light, and touch, which can influence their development. For example, research has shown that babies can recognise their mother's voice and respond to certain sounds in the environment while still in the womb.

However, it is during the early years of a child's life that the most significant and intentional learning takes place. This is when the brain is developing rapidly, and children are learning essential skills such as language, social skills, and problem-solving.

At BISS, we follow the early childhood education programme ‘EYFS’ and it plays an essential role in supporting children’s learning and development during this critical period. By providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, teachers can help children build a strong foundation of skills and knowledge that will support them throughout their learning journey.

It important to remember that for every development milestone that a child encounters, there is a journey that they have taken part in. For every phase of learning that a child has been involved in, there is some form of progress whether that be small or large.

Supporting students on their learning journey is a critical aspect of education. At BISS Puxi, the learning journey for a child is designed to support their holistic development. The school provides a nurturing and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to explore, learn and grow. Throughout their learning journey, children are supported by highly qualified and experienced teachers who provide a curriculum that is designed to be engaging and challenging, helping each child to achieve their full potential and prepare them for future success.

Recently, a number of Year 6 students took part in a the MUN conference in Shanghai ‘Model United Nations’, at which they had to debate global issues and come up with solutions. A number of these Year 6 students have been with BISS for the entirety of their Primary schooling. What a fantastic journey they have been on.

To quote a teacher who supported them, ‘They were fantastic, I was so proud of how they eloquently spoke, argued their points and interacted with so many international people, so calmly and confidently’.

I myself taught this wonderful group of students when they where in Year 2 and I am immensely proud of the journey that they have been on. Yes, there have been problems along the way as no journey is smooth but they have learnt so much. When they finish Year 6, they will continue their ever-changing and developing journey and who knows where it will take them.

I will always remember one of the students in this group. When they first came to BISS they found it difficult as they struggled with the language and the cultural change. However, this student always persevered and was dedicated to try and complete any task given. What makes BISS special is not just the curriculum that a student receives but the support and encouragement for individualised growth that can only happen with the individualised care and

attention from the BISS teachers. Each student is seen as a unique individual with their own strengths, challenges, and learning styles. Teachers work to understand each student's needs and provide individualised support to help them achieve their full potential.

Education practices are always evolving whether that is with the improvements of technology or with the changing of educational research.

BISS Puxi is committed to continuous improvement, and teachers regularly reflect on their teaching practice, seeking feedback and seeking to improve their skills and knowledge. This focus on ongoing development helps ensure that students receive the best possible learning experience throughout their journey at BISS Puxi.

My son has now been with BISS for 5 years. The journey he has been on has been a wonderful winding road and at times he has been racing at 100km an hour and at times maybe 20km an hour. I would not change this for the world as he is growing into being a wonderful person who cares about individuals, is not afraid to express his emotions, is able to speak to all people and has a real sense of fairness and internationalism. These are all key attributes that are needed for the future, and I know that BISS Puxi has had a big part to play in this.