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20 April, 2023

Mandarin Speech Show

Mandarin Speech Show - Mandarin Speech Show
The Primary Mandarin Speech Show is one of the most popular language events among the students. Students from Year 3 to Year 6, no matter whether they are from a native Chinese class or non-native Chinese, take the leading role to design their own script; to create their presentation; to host their own show by combining what they have learnt in the language classes and then, use this event as a platform to showcase their language skills in front of an audience.
After waiting two years, on 28 and 29 April, our Key Stage 2 students hosted four different shows and brought this great event back to us . Parents were also invited to witness their children’s talents. Our Year 3 native students presented the Chinese version of the fairytale “Little Red Riding Hood”; performers of “Tongue Twist” also challenged our audience to recite along with them; the Year 3 non-native class together showed off their wonderful singing of “Jasmine” - a famous Chinese folk song. As the bonus scene to the show, Year 3 Leader, Neil Jarrett, also joined the Speech Show as a special guest. He appeared on stage with two dance groups singing “Wo Xiang Ni”, a North Shanxi folk song.
The Year 4 native students invited the audience to experience the traditional ancient poem of four seasons through the short skit of “a mom with her two daughters”, the humorous dialogues made the audience laugh. The Year 5 non-native class, with their lovely make-up and costumes, presented a show of celebrating birthdays and sharing wishes with family members. When it came to the Year 6 students, with their proficient manipulation of language skills, the native and non-native classes all presented different role-plays. The audience, both adults and students, burst out in laughter when the “Sentence-making” show was performed; reminding everyone of their own school life.
The curtain has now closed on the four shows, but we already can’t wait to see everyone again next year for another great gathering.
See you next year, Mandarin Speech Show!