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05 April, 2023

Getting Exam Ready

Getting Exam Ready - Getting Exam Ready
Thank you to those parents and Key Stage 3 students who attended the ‘Getting Exam Ready’ event this week; there was a very strong turnout. It was a pleasure to present information which we hope is of help to you as parents/guardians and your children, to support their academic success through the upcoming weeks, and as students prepare to sit their internal Key Stage 3 examinations from 18-24 May. For you and your children, we aim to strengthen your understanding of the Key Stage 3 exam process and provide guidance on how your children can be successful.
Pupils will be moving towards planned revision exercises in class from next week and be provided with a summary of the units of work which will be covered in each exam. Homework tasks will be focusing on revision.

It is important that both parents and students are clear on the timings and dates for each exam to avoid any added stress on the day. Students will each be provided with their own personal exam timetable during next week. We strongly encourage you to sit down and talk through the timetable together and plan a sensible revision schedule with suitable breaks and take into consideration a healthy exercise regime, ECAs and family events.

We must not forget that whilst we want to provide our children with the opportunity to grow and become more independent, they still require guidance and support from both parents/guardians and teachers along this journey. Therefore, we can support them by checking they are fully equipped for each exam using the list in our presentation, are following their revision timetables and that they have a sensible work-life balance which involves time to relax, good sleep patterns, opportunities to exercise, a healthy balanced diet and are not spending excessive time on devices.

The partnership between home and school in supporting our students is very important. We encourage you to have conversations about what your child has been doing at school to prepare for exams, celebrate their successes to boost confidence and identify areas where you can also support them at home.

“Strong partnerships support children’s learning and ability to develop lifelong skills and networks, while also strengthening parents’ capacity to be engaged in their child’s school experience.”
Iheoma, I. Co-principal investigator of ELN’s University of Nebraska-Lincoln team at High Scope Educational Research Foundation.

If you were unable to join the event, please do feel free to view the PowerPoint presentation which has been emailed to all parents. Moving forward, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year if you have any questions at all.

We wish all our students the best of luck!

Emma James
Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)