18 October, 2023

Swim Meet

Swim Meet - Swim Meet

The relay teams achieved three Silver individual medals, as well as three Bronze medals. This is an incredible result, and we are all very proud of our swimmers. Most importantly, improved PBs were achieved by all of our swimmers, creating the enthusiasm for them to enjoy the sport and train harder in future.


Thank you for all your support, we are all looking forward to the next swim meet!


Summary of the results:


Relay team Medal & Flag Winners


3rd Place

Girls 9-10                 200m Free Relay:                   Marcella Vong, Chelsea Yan, Emily Lu, Angel Chen

Girls 15&Over         200m Free Relay:                  Ines Kam, Sharon Li, Miyu Jones, Sun Min Lee

Boys 15&Over         200m MedleyRelay:              Matthew Yick, Peter Choi, Gustav Hoxer, Andric Liu


4th Place

Girls 9-10                 200m Medley Relay:              Emily Lu, Angel Chen, Marcella Vong, Chelsea Yan

Girls 15&Over         200m Medley Relay:              Ines Kam, Sun Min Lee ,Miyu Jones, Sharon Li

Boys 15&Over         200m Free Relay:                   Matthew Yick, William Hammaren, Andric Liu, Rico Si Zhe


5th Place

Boys 9-10                 200m Free Relay:                   Edwin Tong, JiaAn Wang, Michael Duan, William Wang

Boys 9-10                 200m Medley Relay:              William Wang, Edwin Tong, Jia An Wang, Max Mao


Individual Medal & Flag Winners



Matthew Yick:                          Boys 15 & Over 100m Free, Boys 15 & Over 50m Back, Boys 15 & Over 50m Free         


4th Place

Emily Lu:                                 Girls 9-10 100m Free

Marcella Vong:                         Girls 9-10 50m Back

Ines Kam:                                 Girls 15 & Over 100m Free, Girls1 5 & Over 50m Back       

Sun Min Lee:                            Girls 15&Over 50mBreast


5th Place

Marcella Vong:                         Girls 9-10 100m Free

Max Mao:                                 Boys 9-10 50m Back

Luke Kim:                                Boys 11-12100m IM



Angel Chen:                              Girls 9-10 50m Breast

Luke Kim:                                 Boys11-12100m Free

Svea Andreasson:                      Girls 13-14 50m Back

Ines Kam:                                  Girls 15&Over 50m Free

Gustav Hoxer:                           Boys 15&Over 50m Free


Swim Meet - Swim Meet