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30 October, 2023

BISS Student Becomes Champion Equestrian

BISS Student Becomes Champion Equestrian-BISS Student Becomes Champion Equestrian-equestrian 1

This week, we take a moment to celebrate the achievements of one of our students. Congratulations to Penelope, our talented Year 11 student, who has shown us that balancing academics and extracurricular activities is not just possible but a way of life.

Penelope has not only excelled in sports outside of school but also embodies our school values through her participation in numerous equestrian showcases, both regionally and nationwide.

This year, Penelope has achieved outstanding results in several equestrian competitions while staying true to our school values. In the months of September and October, she participated in numerous equestrian races in China, sacrificing weekends and public holidays. Among them were the Juvenile Race in Jinshan, the Shanghai J&Y Equestrian Tour and most notably the prestigious Beijing Equestrian Longines Masters, where her dedication, perseverance and sportsmanship were on full display. She not only showcased exceptional skills but also demonstrated respect for her competitors and the spirit of fair play.

BISS Student Becomes Champion Equestrian-BISS Student Becomes Champion Equestrian

Penelope's success in the J&Y Ranch Finals is a testament to her commitment to excellence both in and out of school.

By securing the title of the overall champion for the season in the J&Y Ranch Series, Penelope has shown that she not only strives for personal excellence in school but also values success and growth as a whole person.

Penelope's participation in these competitions reflects her adherence to our school values of creating her own future through excellence and determination. She has not only achieved remarkable success but has done so with grace, humility and a strong sense of sportsmanship.

We are incredibly proud of Penelope and reiterate our heartiest congratulations for her outstanding accomplishments.