04 December, 2023

Girls Football Update

Girls Football Update - Girls Football Update

In an exciting encounter at the CISSA Juniors Girls Football tournament, the team from BISS Puxi faced off against Dulwich Puxi. The match ended in a thrilling tie, with both teams managing to score two goals each.

Right from the start, the students showcased their dominance on the field, displaying excellent teamwork and skill. They created numerous scoring opportunities throughout the game and were unfortunate not to convert more of them into goals. The first goal of the match was scored by our talented player, Emily. Her precise finish showcased her composure in front of the goal and gave our team an early lead. Our team continued to press forward, displaying great determination and attacking prowess. It was Juul who stepped up next, demonstrating her exceptional ability by finding the back of the net with a powerful strike.

As the game progressed, both teams fought hard to gain control and create scoring opportunities. Dulwich Puxi managed to find a goal late in the second half, followed by an equaliser, resulting in a tense and closely contested final phase of the match. Despite their best efforts, neither team could break the deadlock, and the game ended with a well-deserved tie.

Girls Football Update - Girls Football Update

Overall, the students from BISS Puxi can be proud of their performance in this match. They displayed excellent teamwork, skill and determination throughout the game. The goals scored by Emily and Juul, and the outstanding saves from goalkeeper Suri were a testament to their individual talent and contribution to the team's success. The tie result may not fully reflect the students' dominance in the game, as they were unfortunate not to convert more of their scoring opportunities. Nevertheless, their performance showcased their potential and bodes well for future matches in the CISSA Juniors Girls Football tournament.

Well done to all the players for their hard work and dedication. The team can take valuable lessons from this match and build upon their strengths as they continue their journey in the tournament.

BISS C1 Girls made the journey across Puxi to Dulwich, who were well organised and gracious hosts. Armed with a strong squad, BISS started the game on the front foot, pressing high and forcing mistakes from the opposing defenders. Dulwich soon managed to find some rhythm and posed their own threat, particularly on the counter with their pacey striker. It was Dulwich who broke the deadlock near the end of the first half when a loose ball in the box was converted.

A few tactical changes in the second half saw Jenna move to central striker and Irene move from the wing into central midfield. This paid dividends as Jenna broke through and finished well on two occasions to make it 2-1 to BISS, before a powerful run and finish from Irene made it 3-1. Towards the end, Lauren pounced on a corner that avoided everybody to continue her own good run of goalscoring, tapping the ball into an open net from the goal line to make the game 4-1.
The full-time whistle soon blew, drawing the end to a very fair yet competitive game of football at Dulwich, Puxi.

Player of the game was awarded to Tina, who played in goal for the second half and made some excellent saves to keep BISS in the lead.