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01 July, 2022

International Dress Up Day

Read about the International Dress Up Day at The British International School of Beijing, Sanlitun, including international day costume ideas.

International Dress Up Day

International Day is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the many different traditions and cultures that originate from various countries around the world. Schools that celebrate International Day with educational activities and discussions are embracing diversity, gifting students time to celebrate each other’s backgrounds. 

International Day celebrations at school often involve a dress-up element. For the international dress up day, students are invited to wear traditional clothing that represents their culture or another culture they have decided to represent. Asking students to dress up in traditional clothing attire encourages students to learn more about the history of different cultures. This allows students to practice awareness, respect and appreciation for diversity in their school community.


International Day Costume Ideas

If you or your child are invited to attend an international dress up day celebration, it is important to wear something respectful to the culture and traditions of the country that you are representing. Spend time researching the different fabrics, designs, colours and articles of clothing of the culture you are representing to learn how to appropriately create an outfit for the country. 

Here are some International Day outfit ideas for different countries around the world.

Germany: In Germany and nearby regions, lederhosen is a traditional clothing option for men. Lederhosen are leather shorts and are commonly paired with suspenders. Traditional clothing for women includes a dirndl, which consists of a blouse, skirt, apron and bodice.

Japan: The Kimono is a traditional piece of clothing worn during special occasions in Japan. A Kimono is a long garment with wide sleeves often made up of bright colours or beautiful designs.  

Mexico: A traditional accessory for men in Mexico includes the sombrero, which is a straw hat that can come in bright colours for festive occasions. Huipil is a traditional blouse worn by women in Mexico, which includes elaborate embroidery. 

Russia: Traditional Russian dresses for women are heavily embroidered, and traditional Russian clothing for men includes calf-length coats that are embroidered, often made of wool and fur trimmed.

Morocco: Traditional attire for Moroccan men and women includes the djellaba, which is a long robe that includes a hood and long sleeves. 


How to find an easy International Day costume 

The easiest way to create an International Day costume is by picking out something already in your closet! International Day is about celebrating, learning and respecting the different cultures that make our world diverse. It is not necessary to purchase or create a costume from a different culture in order to celebrate International Day. You can appreciate your customs and traditions by teaching others how people dress in your country—with all the pieces already in your closet.


International Day at School Ideas

International Day for students at The British International School of Beijing, Sanlitun is an educational and exciting experience. We invite students and their parents to attend International Day celebrations in clothing that is traditional to their culture. Parents that attend our International Day set up booths that include pictures and information on the country they are from. Students were able to visit the booths and learn about the many different cultures that make up the diverse community of The British International School of Beijing, Sanlitun. 

Here are some additional activities and ideas for ways to celebrate International Day at school. 

Try traditional food dishes or popular snacks from different countries around the world

Learn a word or phrase in different languages practiced in different countries

Practice greeting each other in the ways that members of different cultures greet each other

Enjoy colouring the flags of countries around the world

If you are interested in learning more about the outstanding curriculum and educational experience that is offered at The British International School of Beijing, Sanlitun, please visit our home page here