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09 September, 2021

Wir lernen gern!

Wir lernen gern! - wir-lernen-gern
Wir lernen gern! Year 2 children started to learn about the school.

Year 2 children started to learn about the school. First, we all designed our schoolbags. The children were very excited to decorate their schoolbags and choose what they would like to put inside. This activity helped us to recap and learn some new vocabulary.

The first topic Year 4 is going to learn in German is very interesting and important. “Kinder dieser Welt”. We spoke about different cultures and languages, that despite different looks and cultural backgrounds we are still all the same and how important it is to respect and include everyone.

Year 6 children started their new topic in German, “Gedichte”. The children are excited to learn everything about poems, verses and rhymes. We had a closer look at how different rhymes could change the sound and meaning of the poem. We also tried to present a poem using different sentence melody and expressions.

By Valeria Song

Head of German