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03 March, 2022

Miss Polly Had a Dolly

Miss Polly Had a Dolly

The children in our Pre-Nursery classes have enjoyed many wonderful, different activities on our new topic ‘Doctor, Doctor!’ for the past 2 weeks

We have been learning about the names of our body parts, and which body part has been hurt or where it is sore, how we play together with our friends in loving and kind ways. We have been learning about some helpful rules on keeping ourselves and others safe, like using gentle hands, walking in the classroom, and taking turns while playing with toys.

We had our Early Year nurse Lan join us on Tuesday in our choral session time, together with all our Pre-Nursery class teachers, we acted out some scenes for all of our Pre-Nursery children, for example what should we do when we go to hospital for a checkup or have a vaccine, how we should play with each other and why we shouldn’t hit or bite our friends. Nurse Lan showed us how to apply first aid when there is an accident. This was a very successful and fun time as the teachers and nurse demonstrated.

For learning and adventure times, we had sensory walls in our classrooms to display different tools and objects that we find inside a first aid kit, as well as other medical equipment supplies, our little ones learnt the names of those items as well as have chances to touch and feel them with their hands so that they won’t be afraid of them when they go to hospital. We made doctor headbands and x-ray hand prints as fun art and craft activities to go with the theme we have been learning about.

During our circle time, we have shown our children some pictures and short videos of people getting hurt by accident or feeling sick, and we will have different first aid poster cards displayed on White Board as well, we will encourage our children come to the front to tell us what happened and choose which type of first aid need to apply according to the picture or video. Our main nursery rhyme for this theme was Miss Polly Had a Dolly, we leant the entire nursery rhyme using Makaton signs which is an incredibly helpful EAL tool for teaching English.


By Carmel Watson

Pre-Nursery Seahorses Class Teacher