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22 April, 2022

BSB Sanlitun Young Author Competition

BSB Sanlitun Young Author Competition As part of Book Week BSB Sanlitun held a Young Author Competition.

As part of Book Week BSB Sanlitun held a Young Author Competition. 

Children were challenged to create stories using any medium available to them. The stories that were created were incredible making the final decision very tough. Congratulations to our winners!

Year 6 Orla Wood wrote a hilarious short story about a cat called Marbles who was beloved until a new cat, called Mouse, arrived on the scene.

Year 5 Jay Lin wrote a story about a boy being sucked into Minecraft. Jay was able to describe settings and action that made the reader feel as if they were really there!

Year 4 Yiyun Hu created a fantastic story that other children her age would love. She sets the scene well before chaos ensues as the main characters have an apple fight! There is a lesson to be learned as Yiyun ends the story with a moral message.

Year 3 Seren Hardy wrote a story based on her own experiences of trying to travel from Ireland to China via Paris. Her story was ordered extremely well into chapters and paragraphs and there were some amusing moments too!

Year2 Angelina Liu wrote a very descriptive story with her own beautiful illustrations to accompany it. She showed that she could use different sentence openers, different punctuation and even speech!

Year 1 Milan Feng wrote a lovely story about a kiwi bird and a wolf. She had a clear beginning, middle and end to her story with the unlikely pair becoming friends in the end!