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24 February, 2022

All about Toys

All about Toys Year 1 have enjoyed learning more about toys in school.

Year 1 have enjoyed learning more about toys in school. We have been learning about toys from the past, present and now started thinking about toys for the future.

During this Topic lesson, the children learnt about the history of Lego and how this famous toy was created and perfected. The children then discussed how we could create a toy car for the future.

During the design process, the children discussed features they could put on their toy cars to make them special and fun for a child to play with. After designing, it was time to build our toys cars using Lego. What amazing ideas the children had!

When the children completed making their toys, they uploaded photos of their work to Seesaw independently. Amazing work Year 1!


By Amanda White

Year 1 Jaguars Class Teacher