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19 May, 2017

Education in Beijing

Families are offered an excellent choice of world-class International schools in Beijing and The British School of Beijing, Sanlitun is the leading British International school in the downtown area.

Preschool education in China is as diverse as the spectrum of educational systems that are available here. There are only a select number of schools offering a British education in Beijing and as the only British school in the downtown area we offer families convenient access to home and the office as well as to local entertainment and lifestyle destinations.

We know that families with kindergarten aged children are looking for a safe and stimulating environment in which to nurture their child’s development. You want to know that your child will be happy, make friends and transition easily from home to the school environment. For many of our families this choice is influenced by language. Whether English is your native language or not, starting your child’s education in English provides greater access to their future education. We have families from over 55 countries following the English National Curriculum because they want the structure and quality teaching we offer.

Parents who have been through the process before say that finding the right school for your child starts with asking the right questions as no two schools are the same.

Ultimately, selecting a school comes down to personal taste.

Help at Home

Living in Beijing offers busy families the chance to have a local domestic child-minder; in Chinese they are called ‘Ayi’ which means ‘aunty’. Your Ayi can take care of your household needs, help with shopping and take care of your children when you need to go out. For most families having the support of an Ayi is like having an extended family member to help out when your family is so far away. It is also a great way for your child to learn the language, experience Chinese cooking and culture.

Throughout our school we are supported by a team of hard-working Ayis who ensure the children and classrooms are clean and cared for. Our Ayis are bus monitors so they collect the children and bring them into school and they develop strong bonds with the children.