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25 May, 2022

Living in Beijing

Life in Beijing is pretty cool if you are a child. There are so many things to do in Beijing that you will never be bored. Life in China may seem daunting at first glance, but it won’t take long to get to know where everything is, how to get around the place and where all the great places to go are.

You will make so many great friends here, and have so many great experiences that you will never want to leave. This is what some of our students had to say:


How long have you lived in Beijing?

Ann: I have been in Beijing for 8 years because my family live here and my best friends are all here. Also, I go to school here which I find really fun!

Martin: Because of my dad’s work, my family and I have lived in Beijing for 9 years.

Alex: 2 years ago I moved to China I also got a dog here!

Alwin: I have lived in Beijing for 3 and a half years and have been in BSB from Year 2.

Mathilde: 2 years.

Cecelia: 3 years.


What do you like about Beijing?

Ann: I liked the ancient culture like the Great Wall, and it is a big city where I can explore many things. Beijing is also where I go to school and play, this is where me and my friends usually play and have fun.

Martin: I like the Autumn and Winter seasons in Beijing because in Winter, you can go skiing down the mountain and in Autumn the leaves are really colourful.

Alex: I love Beijing because there are so many interesting sites and history such as Ming Tombs, the  Great Wall, The Temple of Heaven. Nothing gets boring - there are too many things to discover, food monuments, culture, industry it is such a wonderful and interesting place!

Alwin: I like Beijing’s complex, carefully designed buildings (skyscrapers) that look like they jumped out of science-fiction movies. I also like the variety of shops, cafes and restaurants in Beijing.

Mathilde: I like Beijing because it has lots of great shopping centres where you can eat delicious food like dumplings ,noodles, buns, and other yummy stuff. I also like the outdoors because there are lots of mountains to visit.

Cecelia: The thing I like about Beijing is it is a very beautiful city and there are some very nice plants. There are very nice places to explore like Bei hai and the Forbidden City. In some places they even have ancient Chinese temples.


What is the top thing about Beijing?

Ann: I think the top thing about Beijing is that it is really big and you can go anywhere easily. Also, you can eat anything at any time, even when there is coronavirus! In Beijing there is always a place where you can shop, play and have fun!

Martin: You can visit the Forbidden City and explore amazing artifacts. The Forbidden City has served the Qing and Ming dynasty.

Alex: I think if you come to Beijing you have to go to the Great Wall it has a very interesting history and it is an outstanding 21, 196km long! I also think you should go to Tiananmen Square to learn about the emperors former residence. (I went to a corgi hotel at the Great Wall. I have a corgi, it is a type of dog!)

Alwin: Precisely talking, I think the top thing in Beijing is that everything is just so convenient. There seems nothing you cannot order online on your phone. This city is full of delivery-people and taxis. Bafflingly, the food that you order can be in your hands within 30 minutes! It is very interesting that theoretically every adult can walk out of their house armed only with their mobile phone. I also think the mixture of old culture and modern high-tech makes this city quite unique. Furthermore, I love how there are so many exciting places (hidden alleyways etc.) to explore and discover.

The fun never runs out!

Mathilde: The museum because it has lots of old interesting things about Chinese history, culture and other cool stuff and of course the Great Wall of China.

Cecelia: I think Bei Hai is a very nice place to go to because they have a lake which you can sail in. 


What is your top food tip for Beijing?

Ann: My top food tip is the delicious noodles, you can enjoy the tasty soup and the delectable noodles all at once, I really like it very much! There is also the most famous Roast Duck, the outside is very crispy and the inside is very delicious, you put them in small pancakes and eat it all at once!

Martin: Peking Duck is my best food tip in Beijing. The crispy layer of skin covers the sweet-scented meat inside.

Alex: I think the best food is Baozi and dumplings and the famous Beijing duck!

Alwin: Beijing has many yummy, exotic foods but I especially recommend the local Baozi and dumplings with crazy fillings like cheese, meat or chocolate.

Mathilde: My favorite food in China is meat buns because it tastes like meat with some more things in it.

Cecelia: I think dim-sum is a very nice type of food it contains dumplings and very oily vegetables.