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21 September, 2022

Make your mark!

Make your mark! | BSB Sanlitun - Make your mark

Our new Reception children are already making their mark! By practising mark making, the children are not only communicating their ideas, expressing themselves and showing creativity, but also preparing to develop their writing skills. They have enjoyed contributing to our collaborative artwork, adding to it when they have felt inspired over the week.

Make your mark! | BSB Sanlitun - Make your mark

The Reception children have also been mathematicians, practising an essential maths skill that involves counting objects as a set. They have been excitedly counting teddy bears, pompoms, gems and other loose parts. Who knows? Maybe the next Isaac Newton is currently walking the corridors of the Early Years! 

Make your mark! | BSB Sanlitun - Make your mark

We have also come to the end of our topic talking about our favourite people – our families! In this topic, the children have loved sharing their family photos, building where they live in construction time, creating family inspired art and telling us why they have the best families in the world! 

By Lizza Zhou

Reception Dolphins Class Teacher