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27 October, 2022

Spooky Halloween!

Spooky Halloween! | BSB Sanlitun - Spooky Halloween

This week our Nursery children have been enjoying our spooky Halloween topic! 

 Spooky Halloween! | BSB Sanlitun - Spooky Halloween


We have enjoyed taking part in a number of activities including pumpkin painting, potion making, headband crafting and preparing monster masks. All these activities have given the children the opportunity to practise their fine motor skills whilst exploring and creating with different materials using different techniques.

 Spooky Halloween! | BSB Sanlitun - Spooky Halloween


We have also engaged in plenty of different Halloween songs and dances, encouraging children to listen along and follow a rhythm, moving to a fast or slow beat. The children have also had the chance to do some scary sound discrimination, listening to different Halloween sounds and being asked to identify what is making that sound.


By Chris Baxter

Nursery Angel Fish Class Teacher