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09 February, 2023

Chinese Update

Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun - Chinese Update

The naughty gingerbread man escaped! Nursery children carefully searched every corner of the classroom until they found the gingerbread man. They confidently announced where they found the gingerbread man in Chinese.


Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun - Chinese Update 


Children in Year3 Non-native Group went to the native class to do a small survey on what tableware to use for different foods. They enjoyed pair work and effectively practised both listening and speaking.


 Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun - Chinese Update 


After learning the text of ‘Little Shrimp’, not only could the Year 6 Native Group describe the appearance of a shrimp with vivid details, but they also tried to show the posture of a shrimp in action showcasing their traditional Chinese painting skills.


By Jenny Shen

Chinese Teacher