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16 March, 2023

Science Week

Science Week | BSB Sanlitun - Science Week

Science Week has landed at BSB Sanlitun this week and Year 3 especially have being having a blast! 

The children have taken part in a variety of hands-on experiments including looking at the seasonality of vegetables and fruits, before planting them in the BSB Garden. We can’t wait to see how the veggies grow and what our harvest will look like.

Science Week | BSB Sanlitun - Science Week


Another experiment involved looking at the effect that pollution has on the environment and thinking about what we can do to stop it. The children had a pure water solution (taken from ‘the park’) and a bicarbonate of soda/ water solution (taken from ‘the busy road’) which they then added a ‘reagent’ too, to see the effects of pollution on the environment. I wonder if you can spot which beaker held the water from the busy road?

Science Week | BSB Sanlitun - Science Week



By Olivia Nicholson

Year 3 Parrots Class Teacher