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23 March, 2023

Chinese Update

Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun - Chinese Update

This week Reception children learned how to deal with a fire incident in their Chinese classes, such as how to dial 119 to report a fire in China, how to bow down and follow the safety instructions quickly and do not use the elevator in a fire, etc. Many children said they wanted to be a firefighter when they grow up. 

Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun - Chinese Update 


Year 4 children learned two ancient poems, one is about Spring, the other is about Lotus Flowers in Hangzhou's West Lake. They also draw pictures based on the different poems.

Chinese Update | BSB Sanlitun - Chinese Update 


‘I can't Break My Promise’ was the text for the Year 6 native group children this week. There was a heated debate about whether to lose a friend's trust to see a favourite pet, or to keep a promise by giving up the chance to get a favourite pet.



By Jenny Shen

Chinese Teacher