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20 June, 2023

Under the Sea

Under the Sea | BSB Sanlitun - Under the Sea

This week in the Tadpoles class we have been learning all about the wonderful world of life under the sea. We have learned many fun facts about the different creatures that live in our oceans. We learned that Octopuses have 8 legs, whales are the largest animals in the ocean and that male seahorses carry the baby seahorses in their tummies. 

 Under the Sea | BSB Sanlitun - Under the Sea


We enjoyed exploring water and shaving cream in the sensory tub and added some different animals to the tub to see how they swim in the water. We even enjoyed our own Splash Day where we got to play outside on the playground with water! 

We made many great art and craft creations, making jelly fish, dolphins, turtles, seahorses, sharks, whales, octopus, and rainbow fish. We also made a very special under the sea themed mural where we made all the different sea creatures using our own handprints. 

Under the Sea | BSB Sanlitun - Under the Sea


It has been a wonderful week for our little Tadpoles! 


By Rebecca Zhang

Tadpoles Class Teacher