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19 October, 2023

Designing Flowers

Designing Flowers | BSB Sanlitun - Designing Flowers

Year 1 have come to the end of our Plants topic and what fun we have had! The children have been learning about what a plant needs to grow, the different parts of a plant and also took part in an experiment by putting plants in different environments.

The children became scientists and carried out their own experiments. After learning that the seed will need water, air and sunlight, the children then planted 4 different seeds. One would have no sunlight or water, one would have just sunlight and no water, one would have water and no sunlight and the last one would have sunlight and water. They drew their predictions as to what the flower will look like and have been eagerly awaiting the changes!

Designing Flowers | BSB Sanlitun - Designing Flowers

Designing Flowers | BSB Sanlitun - Designing Flowers

As part of our STEAM challenge to end our topic, the children designed their own flowers. With all of the components of a flower and what they needed in mind, they used lots of different materials to make them. They were questioned about two factors such as global warming with the flower having too much heat, or flooding where the flower would have too much water and how their flower could survive. Some ideas such as ‘we would need to make a shade from the sun, just like we shade when it is too hot’ and ‘we could make an umbrella for it’ came up and the children were full of brilliant ideas!



By Poppy Thompson

Year 1 Tigers Class Teacher