Nord Anglia Education
Nord Anglia
15 November, 2023

Aarrgh… the Year 1s are coming!

This week in Year 1 the pupils have continued with the topic of pirates by learning the life of Ching Shih, who was a famous pirate who sailed around Asia with her trusty crew.

The pupils designed and created their very own pirate trinkets to mimic the tools used on a real-life pirate ship. It was wonderful to see the pupils of Year 1 engaged and curious to learn more about the daily life of a pirate. The pupils made telescopes to see what was happening far, far away. They also made maps to locate their hidden treasures and they flew Jolly Roger flags to warn other classes that they were coming to find the treasure. 


After completing the crafts, the pupils learnt some pirate phrases so they could communicate to their ‘mateys’. Year 1 had so much fun learning these new words and phrases, you may be able to hear an ‘aarrgh’ during break or lunchtime on the playground. 


Finally, we concluded the story of Ching Shih and after hearing about how she had compassion towards her fellow pirates, we created our own pirate rules and agreements for the classroom.  



By Sam Hopson

Year 1 Panthers Class Teacher